Audirvana 3.5

Buongiorno, sapere dirmi cortesemente se Audirvana 3.5 che attualmente utilizzo (con grande soddisfazione) sarà compatibile con il nuovo MAc OS Ventura?

Grazie a chi vorrà rispondermi


Pare di si. Alcuni l’hanno già testata.

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Sì Audirvana 3.5 funziona bene in macOS Ventura. Buon ascolto.


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I have Audirvana v3.5 and Origin installed on my Mac mini, everything was working fine.
As there were several macOS and Origin updates I decided to format and install everything again.
Everything still works fine, but if I change from Origin to v3.5 or vice versa, I need to enter the code to work on the cell phone.
This didn’t happen before.
Does anyone know how to fix this?

For Audirvāna Remote?

Yes, exactly.

Have you tried to reinstall the Remote ?

I did not try
I will do this.

I reinstalled the Remote on the phone and the same thing remains.
When switching from Origin to v3.5 or vice versa it asks for the code.

When it worked I had version 3.5 installed and I installed Origin v1.6.
But I don’t want to uninstall everything again.

Now I installed Origin 2.0 first and then V3.5

Ciao a tutti!
Qualcuno di voi ha provato l’applicazione Audirvana Remote ultimo aggiornamento? Dicono che hanno implementato la visualizzazione su tablet in orizzontale, ma a me non funziona…a voi invece? grazie!

Hello everyone!
Have any of you tried the latest update of the Audirvana Remote application? They say they have implemented horizontal tablet viewing, but it doesn’t work for me… do you? Thank you!

See this link:

Problems with Remote V4 iPad - Audirvāna Remote App - Audirvana

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