Audirvana and Raspberry


This is my 1st post on this forum, and I’m a total beginner in terms of networking …
I have often searched for this information without being sure to understand the explanation for my case …

It’s been a while since I wanted to be an Audirvana user.
A few years ago I had a 30 day trial that didn’t end with an acahat for the following reason:

I am currently a user of a 2i node with BluOs.
I appreciate the fact that I can launch the music without opening my Macbook pro: by the app or by Mac and I can close the Mac to listen to the rest of the play list.

=> With Audirvana it’s impossible.
If my wife / child is using the family Mac and closes it … cut the music!! :sweat:
And that was the end of the experience for me …

And I’ve just discovered Raspberry pi !! (it was about time … :roll_eyes: )
Is it possible to have the flexibility of use that I’m looking for by installing Audirvana on Pi 4 B and thus be able to control Audirvana, by the app (iOS) or the Mac while being able to tin the Mac without the music being cut off ?!
(by the way, what is this technical term/network called?)

please give me a clarification on this subject.
Have a nice Saturday :wink:

Hello @Curioso,

I think you should take a look at this:

Thank you for your response.
Indeed, I must have read almost all the articles concerning this subject. However, not knowing the technical terms, some of the statements seem to me to be vague … :roll_eyes:

What I have understood, let me be corrected if I am wrong:
1°) Audirvana is usable with Pi4 b
2°) first install Ropieee XL or Diepti on Pi4
3°) configure Audirvana as a server and the RPi as a DLNA rendering engine

But then :
“Is it possible to have the flexibility I’m looking for with RPI and be able to control Audirvana, via the app (iOS) or the Mac, and still be able to switch off the Mac without the music being muted?!”

thank you for considering me as a great beginner in data sharing network ! :wink:

You can’t switch off the Mac. To be able to play through Audirvana, it needs to be running obviously.

If you want to play music without the computer being on, look at the Minim or Roon running on a NAS or a server of some sort.

ok, thanks !
I was hoping to find a solution to make this possible …