Audirvana doesn’t organize my albums the way I placed them in my library

I’m trying to add music to Audirvana from my second hard drive in Windows 10 Pro 64bits, I’m following all the instruction and the music doesn’t appear in Audirvana, the music is in FLAC; if this program doesn’t work, then why pay for it?, I’m not having those problems with Foobar2000, in Foobar2000 you search the music in the computer and play without problems, I don’t know why with this program it’s such a mess in this.

Don’t know wha the issue is, it should be quite straightforward really. You just go to the “Library” end select monitored folders options.

The issue might be if the folder you want to monitor on both drives has the same name. Just change is on one of the two.

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The hard drive has different names, I already toll you that,the first HDD is: C:,the second is: E:, the music is not stored in C, just in E.

Create a folder in E called “Music”, or whatever you want. Move the music inside this folder and set Audirvana to monitor this folder. It should be quite simple.

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That’s exactly what I did, simple as that…

Maybe you have some issues with the metadata? Try to add few folders in a folder and map that. That could happen especially with files in languages with non English punctuation.

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The problem is that Audirvana is organizing the music in other way, the way it wants to organize, I can’t find the music that way, it’s organizing by: artist, composer, e.t.c., how can I change that?, thanks.

my picture is from a mac, but i’m sure PC version options or preferences menu as the same…

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Thanks, but that doesn’t help; my problem is as follow: I store the music in the HDD, I type the artist in one folder and then, inside that folder I put the name of the album in another folder, when I search in the Audirvana library, Audirvana doesn’t shows it that way, it shows the artist that works in that album, but not in the way I typed in the folders, Audrivana shows the artists and and albums the way it wants, and not the way I want, how can I changed that?, thanks.

Hello @joser9616, can you make screenshots of Audirvana while you are doing this so we can properly understand what you are talking about?

I organise my music exactly the same way. When you want to play something, just search Google style. Why do you want to follow the folder hierarchy?

OK, I understand exactly what the problem is now. You’re wondering why Audirvana doesn’t display your music the way your organized it in folders, but that isn’t how Audirvana works. Audirvana doesn’t use the folder structure to determine how to display your music. It uses the metadata stored in the music files themselves to sort and search your music library. That can be tricky, as not all sources of digital music include all metadata fields. Apple’s iTunes is pretty consistent, but who wants to play 256kbps ACC files using Audirvana?

That said, iTunes - now renamed Apple Music - is phenomenal at correcting metadata and and it makes it easy to organize your Audirvana library too. Just set iTunes to save your iTunes library to the external hard drive and set Audirvana to sync with your iTunes library. Set iTunes to keep the library organized and then drop your music folders onto the iTunes icon. Your iTunes library should organize itself by album artist, album name and disk, and Audirvana will follow suit if you use the default parameters. Any inconsistencies can be corrected manually by selecting the erroneous tracks and using the Get Info menu item to manually edit the metadata.

If you’d rather not use iTunes to fix your metadata, there are many excellent metadata editing apps out there. I know of a few for the Mac, but it shouldn’t take long to search for ones that work equally well for Windows.

P.S. You might want to use a heading a bit more descriptive than, “No one helps here,” the next time you need help. Most of us are fellow Audirvana users who aren’t even affiliated with the company. It wasn’t until your last post that anyone could have known what you meant. A better topic would have been, “Audirvana doesn’t organize my albums the way I placed them in my library.”

Feel free to ask for more explanation.


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