Audirvāna hangs streaming to renderer

You realize it’s the weekend and Antoine has started looking into the problem on Friday?

@Antoine, is this thing on?

I just tried listening to something for the first time today. The software hung up at the end of the first track! Haha. If this problem weren’t so frustrating, it would be laughable.

@Antoine, it just happened again!

About five tracks later, the software hung up again, after hanging up again, at the end of the first track! Haha. If this problem weren’t so frustrating, it would be laughable.

The fact of the matter is, I’ve been fighting this battle, since the train wreck that was version 3.5 was released, effectively abandoning everything that worked about the previous version of the software.

If this is to be a software that works on a subscription-based model, users do have a right to expect responsive customer support. Without it, I’m not sure what would justify shelling out on a monthly basis.

My theory here was that, with the free trial, I would invariably discover a slew of crazy bugs, despite the fact that the software has been offered for sale for some time now (I was 100% right), and that I would come here and post about the issues I was encountering and not hear anything back.

I was about 75% right about that, from what I can see here. I have sent everything that was requested, and then some, regarding the three major issues I’ve encountered (inability to drag tracks within the play queue, regular freezing, at the end of tracks, and the lack of a column browser). So far, I feel exactly like I expected I would: as though I’m being asked to pay to beta test a software that was not ready for a paid launch, without answers or responsive support. Hearing from @Antoine a few times, from the time I first posted about the bugs I was encountering, last Wednesday, I had a glimmer of hope that maybe responsive support and some level of accountability, on the part of those marketing this thing, were now in the offing. Clearly, I was mistaken. I am now right back to where I was in spring of 2019, unable to get responses to legitimate questions, regarding basic functionality, and dumbfounded that such an unwashed, clearly untested, piece of software, was ever released, especially by someone who has been making said software for some time now.

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Is this a Roon forum, @Jim_F ? Did I take a wrong turn on the internet somewhere?

I have 200mbps internet. The modem is connected to my MicroRendu, using a Cat6 cable. I never had this issue, when I was using Audirvana 3.2.20, which was last updated nearly three years ago.

Also, last I checked, the week starts on Monday, for most people. It is now Tuesday. I still have not heard back.

Would you like to continue?


@Antoine, any update or other response here…?

Your last response to me was that you would be trying to reproduce the issue with dragging tracks within the play queue on Friday.

I’m still awaiting a response to the bug report I sent, in hopes of addressing the hanging issue, which is by far the most prevalent, frustrating one I’ve been encountering.

I’ve also asked multiple times about a column browser, such as what was included with the software, prior to version 3.5.

Could I please get a response? Even a simple status update would be more than fine. You told me, four days ago, that you were attempting to reproduce one issue, and then you ghosted me. Obviously, this sort of communication inevitably leads to frustration, on my part.

I have about 2-1/2 weeks left on my trial. If your response four days ago is the last I hear about these issues, I guarantee you I will not be moving forward with a subscription.

@Jim_F, respectfully, please mind your own business.

If there were a conventional support mechanism for this software, I would simply write to a Support email address and have a case number. Unfortunately, due to the way the makers of this software have chosen to implement their support “solution”, I am relegated to posting on a forum.

If I had a conventional support ticket and an agent assigned to my case, I would be doing the same thing, if I was told that said agent was attempting to replicate the issue brought to their attention four days ago and had indicated nothing to me since. I just wouldn’t be forced to do it in a public forum, as is the design of the Audirvana “support system”.

If you don’t like it, please simply leave yourself out of it. Adults in the real world have to do it all the time.


And so the totally unnecessary flagging of posts begins. Again.

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Sorry. You are correct, @Jacob. I had forgotten about that email address, due to its abject uselessness.

I tried to use it, for some time, when 3.5 was released, and I never got a single response. Not the most memorable, nor the most helpful, support contact I’ve ever used.

Thanks for reminding me of it. Unfortunately, I can’t say my past experience with it provides me with much motivation to try it again.

Haha. Seriously. It’s not like I curse the guy out or made disparaging remarks about his family. I just pointed out that my recourse, as a longtime user, seeking support, for this app, is limited, and that if he didn’t like my approach to a now-unresponsive support agent, he needn’t pay it any mind, like any other free-thinking adult in the world might do on a daily basis, when encountering things that don’t bring them enjoyment.

I found the flag a bit surprising, myself.

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Unfortunately there are a fair-few others on here that didn’t.

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Nope. I was not surprised at all :smile:
@GaseousClay this has nothing to do with you, but we just had a discussion in another thread about notorious flaggers in this forum.

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And why, pray tell, would that be, please?

As I wrote in my post above, this has nothing to do with you, but there are ‘some’ people on this forum misusing the flag option. So I am not surprised at all. Of course your post shouldn’t have been flagged.

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Ahhh, I understand now.

Thanks for clarifying, @AndyLubke.

I’m genuinely trying to get help with real issues, while I’m in a limited trial period, because I’ve used Audirvana for about six years now, and I truly do want to like and use the new version. Unfortunately, if I continue to see that both the software and support are not ready for prime time, I will not be doing so.

Hi @GaseousClay

As @AndyLubke correctly mentioned, there are some on this forum who appear to be happy to flag pretty much anything they don’t agree with, hence no surprise when your comment was almost inevitably flagged. There was no reason whatsoever to flag your post imo :+1:

@Antoine, are you ok? You were trying to replicate my issue on Friday. You haven’t responded since. Did trying to replicate the issue suck you into a vortex, from which you cannot escape?

If there isn’t a response to these issues soon, from the Audirvana team, I guess I’ll have all the answers I need, and I’ll know they’d prefer for me to keep my money!

If this company goes broke, I guess we will all know why. Software engineering that deteriorates with each successive release, basic UI features not working correctly within the software, a decreasingly functional feature set, and unresponsive support do not a successful business model make, last I checked.

Lotsa luck, @Damien!

I’ve just spent nearly 20 minutes, wrestling an album’s worth of tracks into the order I wanted them to appear, within the queue, started playing music, and the player has hung up at the end of the second track! I didn’t even make it ten minutes, without every issue I have with this release rearing its ugly head!


@Damien and @Antoine, you want my money for WHAT?!?!