Audirvana MacOS UPnP problems with Big Sur 11.3

Well, not sure what the deal is, but I ended up upgrading to 11.3.1 and upnp to a ropieeexl is working fine.

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Can you give me your Ropieee settings if you don’t mind?

I couldn’t get Ropieee XL, Gentoo or Mo0de working via UPNP with AS but I think that may be down to my DAC.

I finally installed Volumio on the Pi4 and it’s working a treat with AS, weirdly volumio shows the bit rate as 32 for all tracks even though my DAC only supports 24/192. Listened for 4 hours yesterday evening without a single glitch.

I can compare settings or post screenshots if anyone wants to check something?

Audio Output: USB
Volume Control: None
DoP and OpenHome support both disabled

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I also made sure I was on the latest ropieeexl version. I’m on SW version 3.113.

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Do you mean Audirvana Studio?

Yes, Audirvana Studio

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Tested with AS 1.1, unfortunately still not working

Tested Synology Audio station running on my Mac using DLNA option in Audio station, logged in via Chrome (on latest macOS Big Sur 11.3.1) and that works perfectly still
So most certainly appears to be an issue between Audirvana and MacOS 11.3

I guess I should clarify: Audirvana 3.5 is working for me with upnp/ropieeexl on MacOS 11.3.1. I have not yet installed Studio.

Is it 3.5 or 3.5.44?

It is version 3.5.44

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Welp, tried with the latest Ropieee and RopieeeXL and still no bueno. Audirvana on my older MAC OS has no problem with either version of Ropiee. This is super annoying.

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Have you tried Volumio, that was the only one I could get working with my Mac?

I’m sorry to hear this. Super frustrating to be sure.

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Yep. I’ve got 2 Pi boxes - one running Volumio and one with RopieeeXL.

Hoping new Audirvana version solves your problem…

Unfortunately still upnp still not working with v1.2.
Upgraded to macOS 11.4 as well, unfortunately no joy.
I see that 3.5.46 is out with upnp fix, but unfortunately I deauthorised my v3.5.44 in error and not able to locate my license key to authorise again to test ( have sent a request to support)
Are the upnp fixes in 3.5.46 going to be replicated in AS?

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AS doesn’t solve the issue. Will upgrade to 3.5.46 and see what happens.

Nope. 3.5.46 hasn’t fixed it. Sigh…

Do you have upsampling enabled?