Audirvana Origin issue with SACD over network from NAS

My intention is to bring the issue with reading SACD ISO over network from NAS to the top.
I found that this issue was posted dozen times. And, say, this one Very slow open of SACD ISO from a network drive contains the promise that it would be resolved. But not, it still exists. And exactly with SACD ISO files only. All my SACD ISOs are downloaded very slow, it makes Audirvana frozen for 2-3 mins (no response) that looks very inconvenient - no sound, all the functionality are frozen.
There is no problem with DSD DSF files even DSF DSD128. And I do not believe that is the Samba or any other network protocols issue, as all the other types of the files are downloaded very fast. And I got tried to use Foobar2000, JRiver, AIMP - no issues there.
Could someone to bring attention development team to this issue, please?
The environment like NAS → Laptop/DAC/Amplifier → Headphone/Audio is very wide known I believe. The throuput over WiFi is 1200Mbps, so it can’t be a bottleneck.
Any additional information could be provided upon request if necessary.
There is screenshot how fast DSD128 DSF file is uploading over network.

And what so surprised me, during the uploading of the DSD128 I may listen music and all functionality is available, I may sart/stop etc.
There is screenshot how downloading speed is degraded for SACD DSD64 (only 2 channels inside) - no sound during uploading, all are frozen.

Great thanks to the team for extraordinary sound, it’s really perfect!

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