Audirvana Origin settings

is it possible to somehow set Audirvana Origin to start playback only after the RAM filling process is finished? Normally, playback starts immediately and the RAM filling process runs during the first few seconds of playback.
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If you mean Buffer loading after play on each track? As far as I have used, I haven’t found a function that can be set in such a way. Or if there is someone who can do it, they may give advice in this post. :thinking:

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Siwakorn K.

Yes, I mean buffer loading.
If the buffer starts to fill during playback, there is an occasional annoying click. I guess I need to upgrade my RAM (currently I only have 4GB).

If you experience a clicking sound during buffer loading Can you post debugging information on your app? In order to know all the details of the app.

It could be a problem with the Buffer Size setting.

Or you may use multiple programs while playing music. Please note that during Buffer loading while starting a new song some CPU resources will be used which may result in a clicking sound.

Thanks for the reply.
I will be upgrading the RAM in the next few days. Then I will try to set a larger buffer size and see if it will be OK.
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But don’t worry. If you don’t use a lot of plugins, at least 8 GB of RAM should be enough.

OK, I’ll try more RAM and buffer size and also see if it’s possible to stop unnecessary processes while playing.

My rule of thumb is to assign Audirvana for buffering about 25% of maximum RAM.


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If you’re able to go 16gb you should.

As @matt recommends 4 to 6 gb buffer size seems to be the sweet spot.

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I have the same and assigned Audirvana for buffering 1GB, works perfectly.


Thank you all.
In my opinion, the size of the buffer should at least be such that the entire track can fit into it.
But I still think it would be optimal to buffer the track first and then start playback.


You can always make a feature request in the forum category ‘User Voice’.
There people can vote for this feature. I can think of something like a new option in the settings like ‘play tracks from memory’ and/or ‘play album from memory’.

In my understanding once you hear the music it is always coming from RAM. Even when the track starts there might be a small certain delay which is enough to let the music play from RAM. The delay might be dependant on your internet speed you get from your ISP. IMO, it is not important that the complete track is loaded into RAM before the music starts since when you hear it is from RAM anyway.


Hi @Matt
Yes you are right. What I meant to say is a new option for ‘play entire track from RAM’ or ‘play entire album from RAM’. What Audirvana does now is buffer a couple of seconds (depending on your buffer size) and already starts playing a track while still buffering, which provides some unwanted noises.

Maybe this could be remedied by setting a very large buffer size, but, as I understood it from the OP, he wants an option that guarantees that the whole track (or album?) is buffered before Audirvana starts playing it and this new option would provide that.

Hi Andy,
I get your point.
With an average internet speed the delay for a single track would be 5 to 10 seconds, for a full album in redbook quality about one minute. I would appreciate this delay if the SQ is even better but I am not sure about that since in both cases the music is playing from RAM anyway.


Yes you are right,
If the computer has enough RAM/internet speed/disk speed/CPU speed there is no problem buffering while playing.

It is no problem on my configuration either, but what I do notice (with Audirvana) on my system (NUC, Windows, i5, 16 GB RAM) is the following:

I have my buffer set to 4 GB and I upsample to DSD256. When a track starts playing I see the CPU percentage go up to around 60-70% the first seconds while buffering. When not buffering anymore the CPU drops to 5-10%. After a few seconds (when buffering the next part of the track) it rises to 60-70% again etc. etc. and this repeats itself all the time.
On my configuration that is no problem (no hickups, no pops etc.) and I probably won’t hear a difference, because, as you say, the buffered part is played from RAM anyway. I must admit that other music players I use do not have this (extreme cpu up and down) behaviour while buffering.

I understand from the OP that on his computer (less memory, weaker cpu?) this is a problem. That is why it could be a solution to load the whole track in memory before playing (disadvantage: it takes longer. Advantage: All the CPU and disk intensive buffering stuff is done before playing the track).

In short: maybe having this choice could be an advantage on ‘weaker’ computers to remove pops, stutter, crackles or hickups.


For example with a low powered computer and say 4GB RAM it wouldn’t make sense to load much (upsampled) music into RAM since you can assign this computer about 1GB RAM only for track pre-load (you need the rest of the 3 GB RAM for the computer to work properly).
For a high powered computer and say 32GB RAM it also makes no sense to preload a full album since it can do all functions including upsampling to DSD258 easily on the fly.
However there might be a SQ improvement even for a high powered computer.


In the case of the OP (as by his question) it would make sense to be able to load a whole track in RAM before playing because that is exactly what the OP asks. Also 4GB is plenty of room to load a track in. To be able to do that will probably free him from noises.

I think the OP asks a perfectly valid question here. Does it make a difference for you and me? Probably not.

My experience is that you get problems when you have low RAM and assign to much RAM to Audirvana for track preloading, but YMMV.
Maybe @Antoine cares to contribute?


This is not about My Miles :joy:
The OP was not talking about the RAM/buffer in Audirvana, but asks for an option to buffer a whole track first before playing. This would be an entirely new option and overrule the existing buffer/RAM assignment settings in Audirvana. That is why I suggested the OP to put this in the User Voice category in this forum to make it a feature request. I am not advocating for this option, I was merely trying to ‘think with’ the OP what kind of features that could be (and maybe I got a bit carried away :wink:). Nothing more nothing less. Don’t make too much of it :grinning:

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