Audirvana Plus not detecting Auralic Aries Femto Streamer

Hi All,

I’ve newly acquired and set up an Auralic Aries streamer for my home system. I’ve connected the streamer via an Ethernet cable to my router , to which my computer is also connected via wifi. I have all my music stored on the computer and i would like to use my computer to listen through the Aries streamer. However, when I go into Audirvana, the Aries is not even recognized in the devices menu.

Any suggestions for fixing this problem?

Many thanks in advance,
Vichy Lirapirom

Hello @Vichy.Li, are you able to see your DAC with an other app that can use UPnP?

Hey Damien,

I don’t have another app that can use UPnP. Is there any way I can refresh the connected devices list?


If you quit and launch Audirvana again you’ll see your UPnP device available.

I tried shutting down the Audirvana app and restarting it, but the Auralic Aries still doesn’t show up.

Can you check if you can see your DAC with the app BubbleUPnP?

Have you tried with Lightning DS app first?

Yes, the Lightning DS App works perfectly. I stream Tidal from there. However, the files stored on my computer aren’t shown in Lightning DS.

I had an Auralic Aries too a few years ago, and it never worked in UpnP DLNA with the JRiver software (I did not know Audirvana at this time). The Auralic support answered me that there was no solution.

Aries, if my memory serves me correctly, is only a streamer, not a DAC. I’m not sure what you are trying to do in your suitability, because Audirvana is essentially a streamer as well. What DAC are you trying to stream to, and why wouldn’t you just use your Aries OR just use Audirvana to stream to your DAC?

The Aries doesn’t have the upsampling capabilities of Audirvana, and the lightning DS app doesn’t read .iso files. This is why I want to send the up sampled digital audio signal to the streamer via audirvana. I want to use Auditvana as a music file server.

@Vichy.Li - why do you need the Aries at all then? Why not just connect Audirvana to your DAC? Audivana is set to recognize playback devices, and the Aries, since it’s not not a playback device, might not want to appear in Windows or Mac as an output device.

I bought the Aries because Audirvana makes a very audible humming noise when outputting USB to my DACs. I wanted to use the Aries as a digital input stage.