Audirvana Remote

Just installed the new Audirvana remote on my iPad. iPad and Mac mini connected to the same WiFi but the up is not working. Keep saying no connection and the Mac is not detected.


Works only with the usb cable. 1st negative review will follow. That’s sad and I was a bit exited with the new version.

Works flawless here !

Really enjoy the new look & features :slight_smile:

Thanks Damien ! :green_heart:

I wish that was the case for me. Thankfully apple store offers refunds. Are you using Mac or windows?

Works well for me too - Android controlling Mac. Great work and highly recommended.

Anybody else using Mac and iPad?

I’m using remote on an iPad and Audirvana running OSX, the only way to go :heart_eyes:

Yep. Installed the Remote update on an iPhone and an iPad. They both set up as expected, controlling my library on a Mac Mini.

:confused: why is not working for me…?

Installed today on an older Android device and it’s working well. Nice to be able to access Audirvana on the separate mini-PC residing in the bowels of my desk whilst on main PC, and don’t have to keep switching to the mini via the monitor select switch. Now have volume ctl and music selection right in my hand. Nice app and will look forward to further developments!

After install I had to do a reboot of both PC and device to get it working. Did you try that?

Not sure why it’s not working for you, Lkoulou. I have the same setup: Audirvana running on Mac Mini, and the remote app on my iPad. So far, everything has worked flawlessly.

I’m hesitant to provide advice on how to address your problem, but maybe the old standby of restarting the iPad, or maybe even uninstalling and reinstalling the app might work?

I think I got it now. Reset of the rooter to factory settings and now it works. A bit clunky when loading the library and sometimes it the artist would appear messed up. Let’s see how it goes from now on

Great to hear, Leo! Keep us posted!

My first post. I have been a longtime user of Audirvana and really like it. My computer is an old MacBook Pro running Yosemite Mac OS system. I upgrade to the new remote and I am sure it works fine with the new MacOS system.
My request is that can I have the remote before this new upgrade? Can I download it of the AudIrvana website or can someone direct me to a link? It is not on the AppStore. It will be quite a while before I can afford to upgrade my ancient MacBook Pro.
Can anyone help?

Can you see the app in the ipone and ipad settings?

The more and more I use the new remote I am really enjoying it. Wish List items aside. Thank you, Damien and everyone else involved prior to release.

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Not working for me. The app will not appear to my iPad’s settings and sometimes it works and when it does it is very slow. Most of the times that’s all I get as per the attachment. Connects only with usb cable @Damien help please?

I did the update. It is quicker and overall pretty good although one fix I would like to see is an issue with scrolling through downloaded music as well as Tidal favorites music. When I scroll through my library, pull up an album and do a return to library I go back to the beginning of the library rather than back to where I was last scrolling. Rather annoying and not an issue with the older remote app.

I must say that the new Audirvana remote app is a massive step backwards imo, especially on the iPhone.
I have a reasonably large local library. However should I decide to scroll through my list of Artists, once I’ve selected one pressing the back button takes me right back to the beginning of my library. This is VERY annoying should I expand on an artist some way down the list alphabeticaly only for it to return me to the beginning.
Also, scrolling through my list of artists at any reasonable speed causes the app to freeze.
Lastly, why do we have the choice to scroll through Albums alphabetically but not Artists?
I’m a convert from JRiver, and was persuaded by Audirvana’s ability to integrate Tidal almost seamlessly with my local library, all in one app.
Unfortunately the new app, unless developed further into one I can actually use, means that I will probably revert back to JRiver.