Audirvana Rescan/resynch

I have a large library of music, and am editing the tags with Amvidia Tag Editor. When I save changes to the tags, how soon will Audirvana pick them up when the database is set to Auto Synch? Can the Synch be forced, that is, initiated at will?

I’d like to see the effects of my changes as I go along.


I do not know if ‘Auto Sync’ is realtime, but in my experience it is rather quick when I change something in my music files. You can see that (auto) syncing is busy if you see the percentage bar in top of Audirvana.

To force the sync manually click the ‘rescan’ button:


Not quite correct. When you press SYNC again, my guess is that it adds any new albums you might have copied to your music file, and nothing else. This action does not recognize any changes to tags. To incorporate these changes, you need to delete the library and add it again. This will take a number of minutes, but makes sense; the re-SYNC took only a few seconds, so could not have been doing any analysis of the tags.

First, sync is suppose to work instantly when you do a change in your tags in Audirvana.

It should sync also if you even put a new cover.jpg for example in you music hard disc.

If you use the same hard disc for jriver software for example and do a change in jriver it will sync instantly also in Audirvana if it is open, or will sync just after audirvana open…

If sync not happening fast, clicking resync should update any changes that was done in the music folder that was different than before.

This is for me with local files, i don’t stream.

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I might add, never delete your library except if you have doubles for nothing or strange behavior… losing time, losing play counts…

Doesn’t work at my house.

The way @RunHomeSlow describes it works at my house :wink: and that is also how it should work. Maybe some more info about your system/ library is in order?

@DWR have you tried to do the 3 database maintenance prefs in the library tab? They are 4 now with studio 2 beta

I don’t see maintenance prefs in the library tab; can you show me pls? Here’s my database screen:

This is a good point.

Are you taking it out of your library folder putting it on desktop, editing, then drop it back into your library folder. Should update after 1 or 2 seconds.

I do this with Studio running and can see the album disappear then reappear as I put it back.

I will continue to monitor this. My process is

  1. update tags with my tag editor
  2. save files to music library
  3. re-synch Audirvana.

If you scroll down on that page you will see the db maintenance. I am not near a computer right now, otherwise I would have send you a screenshot.

I see now, thank you.

How often do you recommend defragging?

Latest observation is that the re-synch can take several minutes to complete changes, depending on the amount you’ve changed.

That seems to be normal.

SSD’s do not need defragging because they have no mechanical platters. Windows and Mac recognise SSD’s and will optimize them (called trimming) in another way. Also it is not recommended to defrag SSD’s. See the link below or Google ‘defrag ssd’:

Should You Defrag an SSD? |

Mechanical hard drives are automatically defragged periodically by Windows (default once a week). Also SSD’s are trimmed automatically periodically. If you want to know how to get to those settings and how important (or not) defragging is. See the link below.

Defragment your Windows 10 PC (

For Mac:
How To Defrag a Mac (And Why You Don’t Need To) | Macworld

In general it is recommended to leave the defragmenting and trimming to the Operating System. There is no need to do it manually.

Thanks for telling me. I would have blundered down that path.

@DWR But you were not speaking about your hard drive :slight_smile:
but the database :wink:

You don’t need to do that often unless you have trouble, once a year maybe…
this is not like defragmenting a hard drive, just the .sqlite file…

Me, i have 2 sync folders, music 1 and music 2…
4200 albums
when i click sync on 1 it takes 5 seconds to do it,
as i already clicked music 2 at the same time, it takes another 5 seconds to finish.
but sometimes for no reason, Audirvana can say syncing, but it can take like 5 mins to start…
but most of the time is super fast. Then i close Audirvana and copy my .sqlite as a today’s backup :slight_smile:

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