Audirvana self muting after 2 minutes of play


I’m using Audirvana+ for several years. Have 2 computers - MacMini and MacBook Air.
Starting Audirvana+ 3.06 on MacMini few days ago appeared a problem. The songs are muted exactly after 2.05 minutes. The song doesn’t stop. Just the sound disappears. I have to press Stop and chose another song to the same song again. After 2.05 minutes the sound is gone again.
Several months ago I had this problem when updated to the latest version 3.5. After deinstalling it the problem disappeared. Today I tried 3.07 - the same problem. Back on 3.06 - the same. I tested 3.2.18 - the same. Installed 3.5.20 - the same.
The MacMini is only music dedicated. I didn’t change / update anything - software or hardware. The problem just started. Have no clue why. Audirvana+ 3.2.16 is running on the MacBook Air without interruption. I don’t use the two computers at the same time.
Do you have some ideas how to solve this issue?

After completely deinstalling Audirvana+ and installing the 3.07 version again, somehow the problem has disappeared. I don’t know the reason for this problem or how the problem was solved.
But I can listen to music on my MacMini / DAC again.

Same problem here except the time is 1:41 and it happens to itunes also at that time. That seems to be the mac os audio system. I’m gonna look at the logs but I don’t think audirvana is the culprit.