Audirvana self muting after 2 minutes of play


I’m using Audirvana+ for several years. Have 2 computers - MacMini and MacBook Air.
Starting Audirvana+ 3.06 on MacMini few days ago appeared a problem. The songs are muted exactly after 2.05 minutes. The song doesn’t stop. Just the sound disappears. I have to press Stop and chose another song to the same song again. After 2.05 minutes the sound is gone again.
Several months ago I had this problem when updated to the latest version 3.5. After deinstalling it the problem disappeared. Today I tried 3.07 - the same problem. Back on 3.06 - the same. I tested 3.2.18 - the same. Installed 3.5.20 - the same.
The MacMini is only music dedicated. I didn’t change / update anything - software or hardware. The problem just started. Have no clue why. Audirvana+ 3.2.16 is running on the MacBook Air without interruption. I don’t use the two computers at the same time.
Do you have some ideas how to solve this issue?

After completely deinstalling Audirvana+ and installing the 3.07 version again, somehow the problem has disappeared. I don’t know the reason for this problem or how the problem was solved.
But I can listen to music on my MacMini / DAC again.

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Same problem here except the time is 1:41 and it happens to itunes also at that time. That seems to be the mac os audio system. I’m gonna look at the logs but I don’t think audirvana is the culprit.


Same problem here.
It,was,working fine and this issue suddenly came up.
Did you find a solution other than install the old version?

Well, I have a new kind of problem.
I bought a Primare NP5 Prisma network bridge in order to provide networking features to my AV processor in another room. The idea is to feed the AV processor with music from my MacMini using the Prisma NP5.
I can do this from the remote control on the phone but I can listen only 1 or 2 songs only. After that the music stops. I have to press stop on the remote and then I can play another track or two. It’s quite similar to the above mentioned problem but this time there is no fix time or I couldn’t observe such. It’s in the range of 5-6 minutes. I check all the options from the Audirvana menu but didn’t see where I can mark or choose the program to avoid sleeping during playback. Otherwise the option “Optimise system for audio playback” is checked and “Audirvana priority” is set to Extreme.
When I use the Naim DAC with the same MacMINI I have no problem. The DAC is connected to the MINI with USB cable and can listen to music without interruption.
On the other hand if I choose an album which contains only one file (with duration 65 minutes for example), the music goes without problem with the Prisma NP5.
Does anybody know where to look and what to check/choose?
The Audirvana settings? The MacMINI settings? Both?

If you‘re streaming to an external device, the optimizing for audio and extreme priority have ho influence.

The MacMINI is in the bedroom where the DAC is.
The Prisma NP5 is in another room. Right now I’m listening music from the MINI to the living room using the Prisma. The music plays more than 40 minutes so far without interruption but the album is in one file only.
The problem appears when the album has many files - 8, 12 or 15. Only then the music stops after the 1st or the 2nd song. The Audirvana seems to sleep. The player is in position PLAY without playing anything. I have this problem with the Prisma. No such problem with the DAC.
This Mac MINI is used only for running the Audirvana player. I don’t use the MINI for anything else.
So if all my albums are one FLAC, ALAC etc. file there will be no problem.

What‘s your pre-loading cache size?

Should be OK.
There is no problem to pre-load a 96 minutes in a single file. Currently more than 86 minutes of non stop music.
But with 2 3-4 minutes files the problem appears.
Please see the attached pictures.

Make it smaller. Try with 1GB, 2GB, 4GB…

Now the pre-load memory is 1,79 GB.

Hello @Primare,

Can you send me a copy of the “Debug Info”? You can get it in Audirvana Settings>General>Debug Info

Note: By clicking on the Debug Info button, Audirvana automatically copies all its content, all you have to do is paste it in response to this message

Thank you!
I will later this evening.

The worst! really wanted to try it out. just does not play!!

Could you elaborate (version, Windows or Mac, usb dac or network streaming, …)? Some more informations are needed to try to give some support

The render computer is Mac MINI with macOS High Sierra, version 10.13.6 This computer is used only for running Audirvana.
The DAC is Naim DAC V-1 connected to the Mac MINI with AudioQuest USB cable. I have no problem with this configuration at the moment.

The other system is Primare NP5 Prisma bridge connected to the Primare SP32 AV processor, located in another room.
NP5 Prisma is connected to the router with Blue Jeans Cat 6a cable. The connection between Mac MINI and the router is WiFi.
Mac MINI / Audirvana / NP5 Prisma can work with a single FLAC file with duration 96 minutes without problem.
Mac MINI / Audirvana / NP5 Prisma can’t work with multiple files album. Can play only the first 1 or 2 songs after that the music stops.

Hello Damien,
To which mail I have to send the debug info?

Paste it here, others might help…

on your picture up there… the song is playing… but the loading looks like you are upsampling… and on the bottom right window, your DAC seems only 16bits ?

i would surely not upsampling with the low memory you have and small cpu…

On the left side (the bottom picture) you can see the source file bit rate.
On the right side you see how the DAC proceeds the source material.
Both rates are the same. I don’t use upsampling.
Naim DAC V-1 plays up to DSD 128.
Primare SP32 DAC plays up to 24/192 - you can see this on the picture (the upper one): Maximum PCM rate / bit depth.
And then again - with one big file with long duration I have no problem.
I just can’t play album with 9 tracks for example because after the first or the second one the music stops.