Audirvana skips subfolders in a file share

Hello to all of you,

I am currently testing Audirvana Origin 2.3.0 on Mac OS 13.3.1 (Intel i5, 8GB RAM) in a context of file sharing on a NAS Unraid 6.11.5. Strangely, Audirvana, after a long time of analysis, refuses to integrate the pieces of music (257K files, 22K folders, 2.8Tb) of a particular folder. However, other folder shares, larger than this, are fine…

I reproduced the same test with an HP DeskPro (Intel i5, 8GB RAM) without any difficulty; everything is well integrated in the Audirvana database.

By simple observation, but I could be wrong, it seems that Audirvana scans a folder share completely before integrating the sub-folders into its database. Could there be a log file that could tell me which sub-folder(s) are in trouble and preventing Audirvana from integrating the music pieces?

What could cause Audirvana on Macintosh to completely refuse to read a file share from its root?

Thank you in advance for your valuable advice.

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Hi —
I‘ve had a similar problem.

Perhaps you use a umlaut or special chars in the naming of your (sub-) folders?

You can start Audirvana from within terminal to get some error report:

I would tend to agree with what Holger says (He also experienced something similar with accented chars).

  • Is the NAS is mounted as a SMB volume on your Mac?
  • Does the folder in question contain accented chars in its name?
  • Can you see and navigate to the folder from the Finder on Mac?
  • In case you have accented chars in the name, can you try to rename the folder just to see what happens?
  • if you can access the console on Mac, can you try to filter messages or event to Audirvana? Do you get some error messages?