Audirvana starts as Background Process with no UI displayed

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The title tells the tale. Using task Manager to kill the process and restarting usually results in a normal start.

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If you go in the control panel>Uninstall or modify a program> Enable or disable Windows functionality, do you have Multimedia functionality enabled?

Just to make sure we are talking about the same thing. I go to Control Panel - Programs and Features - Turn Windows Features on and off. The entry I think you mean is refered to as ‘Media Features’. The result is as shown below.

Can you go in your background app settings and check if audirvana is enabled? If it’s the case, can you disable it and try to launch Audirvana again?

To see the list of background apps: Start -> Settings -> Privacy -> Background apps and set it to Off.


That looks like it might have resolved the issue. I won’t be sure for a few days and a number of restarts but - fingers crossed.

Is this a setting you might be able to have the installer switch off? Could be handy to do so.

Thanks again.

I’ve taken some time to restart Audirvana many times today. I have only seen the problem once. I conclude that either it is perfect and the ‘once’ was a fluke, or it is at least very substantially improved.

Thanks @damien

I have now had the chance to try restarting many times and I can report that, although disabling Audirvana in Background Apps greatly reduces the frequency of the problem, it is still present. About one start in twenty will run on the background. It’s not a major issue and I am unconcerned, but it would be interesting to know the root cause

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