Audirvāna Studio Features and Tutorial

Hi @Antoine. I am excited to learn about the new Audirvana Studio coming out in a few days. I have seen positive reviews but, as expected, they don’t mention any details about the product itself. If I remember correctly, it was mentioned in the Facebook streaming even that something would be put up this week that showed all of the new features and/or gave us an overall picture of what the new Audirvana Studio is along with more images showing off the new UI. Is this still going to happen? I would love to know more about the new product, its functionality and what it offers. For example, is there going to be an option to do a headless install and control it over network? I am also really curious about the new metadata integration, how it works, and where the data comes from if possible (3rd party service, open databases, your own database?). I know you are probably really busy and I appreciate your time.

Patience is a virtue my mum said , Sunday cometh :grinning:

Patience is a virtue, possess it if you can. Seldom found in women, never found in man. :grin:

Did you consider waiting until at least after breakfast time in Paris?

yes I did wait… although I was online at midnight just as the new day began (after a loverly concert at Sydney Town Hall with Sydney Symphony Orchestra - Beethoven 6th) and still waiting at 2.40 in the afternoon. I am a patient man although my anticipation is driving me mad. Download page still “404 NOT FOUND, Go Back???” Must be teething uissues.

Well it’s still not available…

I succefful created the account for 30 day trial of Aurdivana Studio like 40 min ago, but the download page still not working,

How did you do that? Where do I find the registration page?

still not yet ready??? even the download page changed from 404 to password-protected…

Hmm come on Audirvana its late evening her in Oz, was hoping to give it a crack this evening :grinning:

Guys, 12 am Here in Germany, nothing happened… oh maan

Hello everyone,

We know you are really excited to get access to Audirvāna Studio. We need to do a couple of things on our side before making it available for everyone.

We can’t give you a precise hour but you will see a post in the forum when it will be available.


Thank you for info !
Best Regards !

Thank you for info !

Thank you for the info. What about the remote

Good work. I’ll be surprised if it is not a brilliant version. Take your time.

Cher Damien
Après tout ce flot de critiques je suis impatient de découvrir votre dernière evolution …surtout la qualité du son qui est VOTRE marque de fabrique !!

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Not a precise hour? But could you us a time window? 4-6 pm or something Like that.


Never understood why companies manage go-lives like this.

Release it at midnight then if there are any user issues the few that stay up will report them ready for you to correct before the bulk of users wake up.

Roon got this massively wrong with 1.8 and didn’t take into account how the apple or google store works, don’t think anyone was able to upgrade until very late on the release day.

All the hard work that goes into developing and testing a new software release is often damaged by a really poor rollout.


Practically 2 hours left - if living in Sydney … :wink: