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Hello, each time I want to use Studio, on my Mac Book or on my Windows 10 PC, enter my login and my password without being able to save them.
Is there a way not to have to enter this data every time?
Thank you


Same problem.

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Same problem, it’s super annoying, can the local details not be saved to the Windows registry?

Same old. Good luck to get an answer here. I did not switch to Studio.

I only started having this problem recently. :-/

i also have this problem. it started this week and is a royal pain in the ass. I use DLNA (to an Ultrarendu) which is buggy and requires frequent software reboots. Combining having to login with restarting this app is enough for me to walk away.

Hello @ADAlvarez and @Sfine0 ,

Can you please go to Studio settings> My account and disconnect your account? After doing this, reconnect your account and you should not have this issue again.


Nop. Still login issues. I’m using a 2012 Mac min running OSX 10.15.7 .

Also having problems with Tidal - either no songs show up on list or error message on trying to load song. When I disconnect from Tidal and try to reconnect a dialog pops up saying I do not have the privilege to login. I reboot the Mac mini, start Audirvana and I am already logged into Tidal.
Also have a problem with DLNA Interface to my Ultrarendu . Music loading/play stop and the Ultrarendu is no longer in the device list. If I clear the DLNA cashe on the Ultrarendu, it shows up in the list as the active device and I can play music.

Same here; also after disconnecting my Mac from within my account, then re-connecting it. I believe it started happening after re-setting the password, after I forgot the original.

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Same problem on windows 10, starting to get really annoying.

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Can not access audirvana studio have paid for full subscription and have audirvana 3,5! I need instructions or some help l Malcolm ginnis

Login into My Audirvana portal:

If that works you should be good to go. If you have issues with the account, try to reset the password.

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yeah it’s a pain having to do this (I switch between multiple computers too), at least the username should be saved.

And I for one like to see the ability to share an account with two machines. :slight_smile:


It is extremely frustrating having to login every so often to use software you’ve reluctantly subscribed to.

Whatever the cause/reason having to remember obscure logins/passwords and disconnect/reconnect is not a good user experience and on top of other issues with playback I’m losing patience with the software.

Is this some incompatibility with mac OS High Sierra?
Could it be a macOS issue I wonder?

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j’ai le même soucis que vous , malgré les multiples réinstallations, rien n’y fait ; çà chaque fois je rentre de nouveau codes et email.
c’est contraignant , et ca gâche
mon utilisation quotidienne , merci.

Bonjour @gabriel1969 ,

Avez-vous essayé de déconnecter puis reconnecter votre compte de Studio? Vous pouvez faire cela dans les paramètres de Studio dans la rubrique Mon Compte.

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