Audirvāna Studio Trial Extension

Attendez au moins la télécommande.
Damien va sans doute arranger le problème du rendu sonore.

Je vais attendre et refaire le test de AS avec sa télécommande. On verra. Peut être que dans quelques temps AS donnera de meilleurs résultats que Roon.

Bah, oui. Si nous, on commence à se barrer, on donnera un mauvais exemple aux clients étrangers.

With people like you, the player will never be improved. If people don’t give a feedback of what’s wrong with it, Audirvana won’t know what to repair.


Complaining is legitimate. It’s part of the feedback.
But who insulted Damien? I did not see any insults.

The worst thing is indifference, right?
Damien does a fantastic job. No one is criticizing him, because he is doing his best under these rushed launch conditions.
If I express myself on this forum, it is precisely because I love Audirvana.
And also I repeat that the subscription model is not sustainable, neither for the users, nor for Damien. A survey confirms my opinion.
I’m still actively testing AS. I’m making adjustments to get the sound I like. I am isolating the problems that I might be responsible for. I compare, evaluate, note the progress with each new version. It’s pretty exciting. But will we be able to buy the stable version that suits us?

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Out of interest, how many others?
I’m assuming, by your fairly emphatic statement, that you’ve a rough idea?

I agree, since the launch of AS the program doesn’t work (spinning beach ball, no sound, …). My trail is already expired so I subscribed for one month to see if a new version has already fixed the problem. I paid 6,99 euro just to see that the problem still isn’t fixed. I immediately cancelled my subscription and if AS doesn’t get fixed in one month from here I will remove it and never look back and say “welcome Roon”.

I asked numerous times to be able to buy the old 3.5 but no reply. Strange, a company that doesn’t want to sell something but actually asks money for a beta product that doesn’t work…

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Ceci va peut-être lancer un marché parallèle de vente de licences 3.5… vous me donnez une idée, je vais mettre la mienne aux enchères…
je plaisante, je la garde précieusement… c’est un “collector”…

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Next month you’ll subscribe again out of curiosity.
This how Netflix serials work.

Audirvana 3.5 works and AS doesn’t… so I have the choice between leaving Audirvana for what it is or having a look at a parallel market…

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With the big difference that Netflix works and has something to offer. AS on the other side doesn’t work and has nothing to offer… so I cancelled my subscription. Maybe when AS version 3 gets launched in a few years I will have another look. At the moment I am really fed up with being a beta tester and having to pay and pray for something to work.

Still waiting for the email link to download the Studio trial. How long does it usually take to get the link?

Normally, you get it immediately after the input of your email.

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Each album in your player is displayed twice. Some users who had this issue had to trash the library file.

According to the icon on the right of the album names, this isn’t a bug but just different source (Qobuz and Tidal if I recognise the logos properly :relaxed:).


You’re right. The fonts are small, but you have a very good sight. :+1:

What these small user unfriendly fonts have to do with knowledge?
Just wanted to help you.

What do you prefer, Qobuz albums or Tidal’s?

In your screenshot, the fonts are very small. But even if it’s just their 1/2 size, I know very well how small they are, though I use AS with a 27’ monitor.

Try to read a bio if you can.

And you just keep protecting it like it is your own child, or it’s a personal attack on you! Amazing.

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