Audirvana Studio

5:13am here in the Eastern Time Zone of the U.S., and still no Audirvana Studio. Has anyone yet gotten it??

I have no idea. I am just a user.

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Something tells me perhaps at 12:00 here in France or 12:00 UTC.
Let’s see…

Hello Damien, customers are waiting ! Already 11.30 in Paris and audirvana studio still in “coming soon” mode…

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Give them time to finish their croissants & espresso…

Are they waiting for Apple and Google to upload the remote apps??

Could be a good reason. But relying on that with the apple reactivity in the different stores around the world can push us to wait till next Sunday :grinning:

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I have no interest whatsoever in online activity. I use Audirvana for playing back files on a solid state drive through a computer and that’s it. The sound quality from the best recordings is stunning.


Got it! Just installed :grin:


After “Analyzing audio files” for 12 hours on my 52,000 track library, my internet connection went out (either technical difficulty or maintenance) and Studio crashed and had to be restarted. My internet is back up, but now the analysis starts over from the beginning!

This is bullshit! How could it not be realized that this should be a background process invisible to the user, and that it should be able to save its place in case of interruption? Who knows how many days this analysis is going to go on…

I think it would be nice if the “Studio” installation process said that “msi-appinstaller” from the Microsoft Store is not installed and needs to be installed.
Meanwhile, the installation process stops and says nothing …
It took me more then half an hour to identify the problem.

I loaded only 11K tracks. Studio analyzed them all night. This morning the progress of the analysis was around 80%. Then Studio crashed. I launched it a new, but all the analysis is lost. Studio started analyzing again the tracks from zero!
I’m on macOS, Big Sur.

Here’s the screenshot in French.

I got it up and running and the Kernel Steaming sounds good. However I am experiencing similar problems to others here. I have 26k tracks (WAV & FLAC) that Studio analyzed for quite a few hours and still shows on the top bar “Analyzing audio files” even though it appears to be complete as they are all playable now. The bar across the top is only a third of the way across but it is no longer loading files as it says it is.
I like Radio Paradise but it is not working today but worked yesterday. Also disappointed that it did not show track name and artist like it does other places I stream it (jriver and the RP site).
I am running Windows 10.

If you care about your tags, you should quit immediately the app!

Check the thread:
Transparency on what Studio is analyzing the library for

Thanks for the heads up. Looks like a lot needs to be clarified regarding this app.

Do you really think the 3.5 users matter anymore? Moving AS to a subscription model after giving no meaningful effort towards fixing bugs in 3.5 proves that is no longer the case…

Maybe Damien plans to fix first the bugs of AS and then to take care of the bugs of A 3.5

Not much sleep ahead for him :slight_smile:

This has probably been covered but I have forgotten, when does the 30% discount offer for 3.5 users who are purchasing AS end? Is it on the 28th July when the trial ends, or is it later?