Back Button problems update 1.9.0

I’m getting some strange actions from update 1.9.0 -

Search for Neil Young
Click on Qobuz - Neil Young
Click on Albums from Qobuz Neil Young
Click on back button - I am returned to the search results instead of the artist page
Return to the artist page, click on See All Albums click on any album
Click on the Back Button
I am returned to the Artist Page instead of the See All Albums.
See the screen cap of the Artist Page - The Albums From Qobuz section is missing and there is new Back prompt instead of the expected See All

I’m also having problems with the Audirvana window being pinned to the top of my screen. Can not resize or move vertically, but I can resize side-to-side.

-Added: The resizing problem is intermittent, after clicking around for a few minutes I’m able to resize the window vertically.

  • Added: Instead of selecting the Qobuz-Artist, selecting Albums-See All from the search results page seems to work properly selecting an album and then using the back button to return to the albums view.

This “Album - See All All” option seems to work correctly with the back button.

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