BBC Radio Stream

Hi all

I have been listening to this and just got an announcement that this stream is being discontinued soon in 2023. This is a 48Khz mp3 at 128.

Will this automatically get updated by Audirvana or is there a better stream that I can use to connect with now? Surely they must have a 320 stream available as thats what is output by the BBC sounds app?

Anyone any ideas?

Should be automatically updated by Audirvana Radio Partner. If you want to play a stream not listed you can add manually and make a playlist with it.


Thanks but I have been trying to find an alternate stream that works for BBC radio 3 and I cant find one. Any ideas?

Hi @etc,

We are aware of this change and are working on it to enable the usage of HLS or DASH stream in the app. It’s not an easy task but we are on it for a future update of Audirvāna Studio.


Thats great news - I look forward to that!


Replying to my own topic unfortunately -

Is there any movement with this - keep getting notifications that this stream is being discontinued. Was hoping that there would be some mention in that latest release but unfortunately not :frowning: .

Hoping its imminent.

Hi @etc,

We are sorry for this and the addition to HLS stream to Audirvāna is not that easy plus we would like to get some news from airable on the long awaited feature to see what’s playing…

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BBC Radio seems to have largely disappeared from Audirvana as of today :smiling_face_with_tear:

A very sad moment - the 64k channel through BBC sounds on the web is a poor imitation even of the mp3 48khz 128k stream.

Very unfortunate development. I hope this can get sorted out. Seems all they have left us is the world service

HI guys,

We are very sorry for the situation with BBC radios. They made the decision to stop the support of shoutcast link to their radio (the most common way to get radios links over internet). To get BBC radios back, we need to support HLS links and when it will be done, BBC will be back in our app.

We do not have an ETA for getting HLS stream in Audirvāna Studio for the moment.

All my BBC Radio 1,2,3,4 feeds have disappeared from My Music (Heart) Radios over the weekend. I’ve tried a search but only BBC World Service stations are now showing. Anyone know why?

I’m UK based

Hi @davidp, you should take a look at the (solution) of this thread

Thanks Antoine - I know it’s not your doing and the BBC has been ridiculous in its attitude and lack of support for manufacturers/developers (the Cambridge Audio issue being one). All looks like the BBC manoeuvring itself into a paywall position for anyone technically outside the UK.

Sadly it is half the reason I use Audirvana Studio - very unhappy about this.

Apologies again for raising the question once more on my own thread. :innocent:

Was wondering if there is any movement in this from a development point of view? The 64k stream that is accessible for Radio 3 is poor compared to the original mp3 stream but if this was at least available through Audirvana then the quality would be considerably better than the main BBC feed via a web browser.

Is there anything that can be done to at least make the 64k low grade stream available in the application?


None of the BBC National networks seem to be available in Radios in Audirvāna Studio.
They used to be.
How do I get them back please?

Might have something to do with this. I have seen a post about Lumin streamers having problems as well. That being said I think I’m still getting most of them though TuneIn radio and via Roon. If you could give me a couple of stations to check I will see if I can get them. Where are you located? Might location be an issue? Audirvana uses Airable for the radio, Can’t say I’ve been impressed with them. Currently I’m off Studio subscription so I cannot check that.

Playing well in the States currently.

You are probably in the UK, VPN to the States maybe?

Yes I’m in the uk.
I can get BBC sounds on my laptop ok but I’d like to get the live broadcast streams through Audirvāna for audio quality and ease of access from the remote.
For example BBC Radio 3
And Radio 4
And radio 2
And maybe even Radio 1.

I can get them on my tv via Freeview, but not, it seems on my audiophile Audirvāna.



Let me get you a couple of URL’s to copy and paste into the add your own station. In the meantime try a vpn and locate your self in the States.

@JamesB , try these out.

Any thoughts from Audirvāna?
One of the reasons I upgraded to Studio was to able to get BBC radio streams.
But now they have disappeared.
Please advise.