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Hey Antoine, Any progress on this please?

Hi @JamesB,

I’m sorry for the long wait about it, I do not have more information to share for the moment but when I have more news to share on this, I will do.

The BBC has made a statement about this which includes the information"Directories and software solutions that enable individual users to directly access streams to add their connected devices will not be supported." It’s not looking good. Full details at

If you are not using a hardware solution the BBC seems to think that only its apps or web browser access is permissible. Neither are high fidelity solution to my mind. The BBC claims it to do with metrics and to prevent people rebroadcasting its streams with advertising (something I’ve never heard of). I suspect it is more to do with the BBC repositioning itself as something less than a public broadcasting service. My own access to the BBC is now limited to BBC sounds on my iPhone or through my Roberts Internet radio. My main listening ( many hours a week) used to be through Audirvana streams on my main hi-fi system and through the Radio app on my office Mac into a TEAC/Spendor system. I can do neither in 2023. Very, very disappointing.

Thank you for getting back to me Antoine.
I am starting to understand to situation the BBC has created now.
In an ideal world one would be able to play BBC Sounds through Audirvana (thus bypassing Windows audio etc on the laptop)
Perhaps in the future…
In the meantime maybe I need to dig out my FM tuner…

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Thanks for this David.
It’s not very good news for audiophiles is it?
Perhaps in the future it will be possible to play BBC Sounds through Audirvana…

Seems that Simon at MinimServer has gotten around the BBC restrictions through an ‘authorised third party provider’ and is offering a beta on MinimServer with access to BBC streams - possible a solution for Audirvana?

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Interesting, I suppose he can’t tell the name of this “authorized third party provider”, right? :sweat_smile:

Just checked in with SImon at MinimServer who now sadly reports:
If you have been following the forum thread about this, you will have seen that MinimServer no longer has access through the third party because the BBC has told the third party to remove this access.
Good old BBC
The search continues


Still can with Naim App and Roon. Why can’t Audirvana change their Radio Player?

Hi @simoncs, It’s not we can’t do it, we always have to prioritize things over other. We have this in our backlog and since we don’t know how much hours of time it will require, we need to think about what to do first.

I don’t say we won’t do this, we just can’t give an ETA for it.

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Hi everyone,

For those who are interested in trying a version of Audirvāna Studio that does support BBC radios, you can contact me by PM and I will send you the test version to try it on in preview :wink:

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Hi Antione

Don’t know if you want feedback here or PM-ed but here goes. New version installed - runs fine with other radio station MP3/AAC/FLAC. Imported UK BBC stations list OK but selecting any for playback results in “Loading Radio URL…” message but nothing happens - no sound. I’ve tried restarting the app but get the same results. David in the UK

Hi @davidp,

Can you go into the Audirvāna settings and in the My Account section? You will see a ‘Start Log Session’ button, click on it, and then reproduce your issue. After you reproduce it, click 'Stop Log Session’ and send me the log file you can find by clicking on the button ‘Open Log Folder’ at

Thank you Antione - will do

@antoine Any news at all from Airable on this issue. I still cannot play BBC stations at all - the logo and description load but the app either hangs or simply plays nothing. Thanks David

Hi @davidp, I’m sorry for this situation. I have a lot of backlogs to handle now, but as soon as I get some time, I will come back to your issue.

Happy to see BBC channels back in Audirvana. Tested BBC 1 - 6 all seem to be working well. Thanks

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If I try to play any of the BBC radio stations from the lists in Audirvana, which I believe are in MPEG DASH format, then nothing is played and output from Audirvana freezes - I can navigate the menus but not change playback. Other radio stations play back correctly.