BBC Radio Stream

Hey Antoine, Any progress on this please?

Hi @JamesB,

I’m sorry for the long wait about it, I do not have more information to share for the moment but when I have more news to share on this, I will do.

The BBC has made a statement about this which includes the information"Directories and software solutions that enable individual users to directly access streams to add their connected devices will not be supported." It’s not looking good. Full details at

If you are not using a hardware solution the BBC seems to think that only its apps or web browser access is permissible. Neither are high fidelity solution to my mind. The BBC claims it to do with metrics and to prevent people rebroadcasting its streams with advertising (something I’ve never heard of). I suspect it is more to do with the BBC repositioning itself as something less than a public broadcasting service. My own access to the BBC is now limited to BBC sounds on my iPhone or through my Roberts Internet radio. My main listening ( many hours a week) used to be through Audirvana streams on my main hi-fi system and through the Radio app on my office Mac into a TEAC/Spendor system. I can do neither in 2023. Very, very disappointing.

Thank you for getting back to me Antoine.
I am starting to understand to situation the BBC has created now.
In an ideal world one would be able to play BBC Sounds through Audirvana (thus bypassing Windows audio etc on the laptop)
Perhaps in the future…
In the meantime maybe I need to dig out my FM tuner…

Thanks for this David.
It’s not very good news for audiophiles is it?
Perhaps in the future it will be possible to play BBC Sounds through Audirvana…