Best settings when using topping D90se

I belive there should be a setting where you should be able to play all formats if your device is capable ,I believe I have that so why doesn’t it do audervana does not detect my device as MQA and it certainly is I also a tidal MqA set to master but audervana detects it as hifi I was getting a little insight into this a couple of day ago , I finally with the help of my son figured out how to send the debug file but once I sent it nothing, I do appreciate what they did tell me but would really appreciate a follow-up sincerely D

Your DAC was detected properly. Disable the upsampling and software volume control. Everything will work as expected.

Thanks I will try that and just to make sure I’m on the same page as you , you are talking about software volume in audervana?

In order for the DAC to decode MQA, nothing may be changed in the data. In Audirvana no upsampling, no volume control, no DSP.

MQA information is hidden in the music/noise. This information will only remain intact if nothing has changed in the original Tidal stream. Without this information, the DAC cannot decode.

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Makes perfect sense, I will use different input on the D90se to achieve multiple audio differences which input would be best for MQA, but I’m leaning toward just running out of my node2i through coaxial to the D90se and letting audervana run to usb and do everything else

Yes, that’s the way.

On the audervana I can’t select 512 the highest I can select is 256,I would like to try the highest bit rate the topping does which crazy high and I’m sorry I can’t quote the number but you have to use iis cable that looks like an hdmi but is totally different, so do you know anything about this

You need to install the ASIO driver and select Native DSD to be able to play DSD512.

You need to use a special player to be able to use I2S over HDMI cable. You can’t do this from the computer and the regular HDMI output. You might be able to find a USB to I2S adapter though, but at that point why not just use USB.

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I’ll ask bitracer to weigh in on perhaps get everything running well at
DSD 128 and then see if your computer and rest of system will scale up further

Best of luck with it !

If you’re into Tidal and MQA, don’t bother with upsampling.

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Audervana has asio does it not? And asio4all would that be the correct driver thanks for your help Bitracer

I’m going to use my node 2i out with coaxial to the D90se to do the MQA and the rest with the topping D90se ,I would like to be to have the different bit rates at hand when I choose to listen and of course if it’s supposed to be able to do it I’d like it perform like it says it can

Thanks offroad

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You can download the driver from here:

That link is for windows 10 I have windows 11 is that the only one available and is it compatible with 11

It’s the same for 10 and 11.

Ok thanks I’m going to try that just haven’t had the time

Ok what player uses an i2s cable any suggestion? Thanks D

PS audio has what you are looking for, Do you have a large SACD collection ?

It’s actually on sale right now

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