Boom 3D not working

Can you use Boom 3D from with Audirvarna Origin, or does it break it which it might look like for me?

I guess it might work if you turn off Audirvana’s Exclusive Access in the sound options. Never tried it myself. I have Boom 3D installed on my old MacBook Air, but I have AS set for Exclusive Access so everything else gets by passed. I don’t even have Boom 3D installed on my new MacBook Pro.

Hello @RogInLon,

Based on what we saw after we tried this software with Audirvāna Studio/Origin on MacOS, we either couldn’t make it work with Audirvāna Studio/Origin (no sound from Boom) or it crashed when we tried to play to the Boom output we selected in Audirvāna Studio/Origin.

Actually the thread that crashed is linked to coreaudio and one of our user reach them out and they blamed us but it’s not our app that crash, it’s their app :sweat_smile:

Ok, thanks. That is the same behaviour that I experienced then. Unfortunate, but the search for a FLAC-player continues…