Bottom right hand corner MQA information

Good day all,

I am not home right now but wanted to get a head start on something without the settings file or screenshots. On the main information page of AS when I use my iFi Zen DAC Signature v1, I don’t see the colored dot in the bottom right hand corner of AS like I do when I use my Helm Bolt. Does anyone know why that might be? The v1 is renderer only so I have it set for recognize MQA and renderer. I do get the purple light on the iFi DAC and it sounds good. However when I switch over and use the Helm Bolt and plug in my headphones to it, I get an additional MQA light in the bottom right hand corner of AS. I also get the purple light on the Bolt itself. Any ideas why this happens or maybe that is normal?

I can post the debug file later. I am using Windows 11. Thanks!

Hello @upper90,

If the track you play is MQA and the next track you have is MQA, can you please go to the next track and check if you have the behavior you describe?

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