Can I install in how many PCs?

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I have just a simple question. I indeed enjoyed the trial here. You guys have an outstanding product, but subscribing, can I share the program with friends like I do right now using JRiver? If I could install in more than one computer, indeed would be nice for us here.


From the relevant FAQ section on the “Assistance” page on Audirvana’s website:


You can install Audirvāna on multiple devices but you can only use one at a time. If you want to switch from one device to the other simply go to your Audirvāna account page and disconnect the previous device you were using or simplu log out in your account settings before moving to the other computer.

Oh boy. I swear that I saw all the questions there looking for this one.

But this is terrible for me. Doesn’t make sense. Why not allow 2 to 4 like Netflix, Disney, Amazon, JRiver… That’s how the things works today. One per session is weird.

I was looking to use with 2 friends and my dad but we will remain with JRiver. You guys should really adapt like many others.


Would you be happy to pay an extra fee for each user?

I can imagine AUDIRVĀNA thinking about dealing with one subscribers problems or two or three or four users problems. Not fair to them I think.

Isn’t that a contravention of your JRiver license. It is restricted to one user, multiple PC’s , but one user as far as I know

It’s okay that they have their way but for me doesn’t make sense. If I have to pay each month why not something like Netflix? 2 or 3 computers. $10 for 3 computers. Nothing more than that. Absolutely possible to do and I think would grab more users.

One family inside the same house, same files but each one with a different account. Seriously… It’s weird.

But, okay… My father maybe get one license. Fit perfectly on his system today.

You should check the license terms of the software/ services you mention more carefully.

I don’t know where in the world you are but I’ve just checked Netflix’s prices for half a dozen different countries, and for the basic price you can run it on a number of devices but you are only able to use the service on one device at a time (just like Audirvana Studio).
If you want to watch Netflix on more than one device at a time you have to pay more.
here’s the relevant Netflix page:

I would also read JRiver’s Ts&Cs. Whilst you are able to do as you describe, it is not, strictly speaking, the way they want you to use it. They allow you to install it on a number of your own devices, not anyone else’s.

And Spotify, too, will allow you to install on a number of devices but only allow you to listen to one at any time (like Audirvana Studio) - unless you pay more, of course.

The situation you want is not the norm these days.

If only AS would allow you to activate on a device and automatically make your other devices inactive like Spotify that would be so much more convenient than doing this manually via the web site.


Spotify’s Connect implementation is brilliant.
It’s so simple to use, and being able to control the device that’s playing at any time from any of the other connected devices is superb.

And, as you say, switching between playback devices is simple, instant and effortless.

The whole system is actually very elegant from the user’s point of view, and makes Audirvana’s setup (even if the remote were available and working) seem downright clunky and cumbersome by comparison.

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That was my point.

Netflix: Here in my account are my PC, plus my sister 1800km far from here, plus my grandmother plus my father. All different houses using the same account, all integrated, all part of 1 login, 1 payment.

That is what I meant.

Converting, today I’m paying $10 for max. 4 people watching in 4k. Max resolution.

To do the same thing in Audirvana will cost $28. A lot more.

The world needs some flexibility nowdays.

I cannot agree more. Spotifys solution is elegant and convenient.
I think Damien maybe worried about people taking a computer with Audirvana offline so it cannot be deactivated and some people will abuse the system.
But I think that will not be the case for most users.

But Netflix doesn’t really legally allow this either.
You can only do this in the same household.

To be clear, I’m in love with this project.

Just sharing my thoughts here because I live in Brazil and $30 makes difference for us, and maybe what I said would be more “friendly” to countries like mine.

No, you miss my point (and how Netflix works, in fact) entirely.
There may be four of you using one Netflix account, but only one of you can use it at any time.
I do this with my nephew’s Netflix account. I know how it works.
If the four of you are able to use Netflix at the same time you are not using a basic account but are paying more for the ability to do what you are doing.

With Audirvana Studio you could perhaps have four people using one log-in (I’m not sure, I don’t use it myself), but only one person at a time could actually use it - exactly the same as a basic Netflix account.

At least in Brazil works that way. All my friends do the same thing I’ve said above.

I’ve just checked Netflix’s page for prices in Brazil:

Basic Standard Premium
Monthly cost* (Brazilian Real) R$21,90 R$32,90 R$45,90
Number of screens you can watch on at the same time 1 2 4

I understand you but my idea is to increase the price, $10, $12 dollars but allow more than 1 people using the same account.

I bought JRiver in march, today is installed in 4 PCs. Mine, my father’s and 2 with my neighboor. They allow it.

R$45,90 = $10 rounded.

Ah! So you are in fact paying for the “Premium” Netflix account. Sorry, I didn’t realise that.
If R$45,90 = $10 (more or less) then that is really quite cheap compared to many other countries - certainly less than the US or UK.
Lucky you! :slight_smile:

The fact that you can do it does not mean that you are allowed to do it under the terms of your license.
Please see earlier replies, and actually read JRiver’s explanation of this on this page (scroll down to the “Questions” section):

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A one user fee allowing that user to use at one time seems reasonable to me.

To share an account raises all kinds of issues, including support for several set-ups. A nightmare for support, who must be very busy at the moment especially.

I like the idea if single user/two/three each iteration a different price point. And a **significant increase **for two and then less for three, four etc.

The immediate release from one computer to the next rather than release from original and the login on new computer.

A system whereby a drop down from Audirvana Studio top menu allowing you to use one new set up immediately releasing old set up.

I have two ears only. Where people are asking for multi users I think they should be prepared to pay. This is not a multi-million dollar enterprise. Mostly one-french-man from my understanding. Oui?

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