Cant play radio stations

Tagged several classical radio stations but every time I try to play one says “error retrieving album tracks” no matter which one I choose.

Hello @randyps65,

Can you give us the name of those radio so we can check them on our side?

At random…
These radios play to me in aimp but not in Audirvana:

I find this happens with all radio stations every time I change to radio after using Qobuz. Note it doesn’t have to be immediately after, I like to play the radio in the morning, but I get this error every time, and I’ve usually played Qobuz the night before. Stations I use are BBC Radio, Radio Paradise, Linn Radio, Absolute Radio.

I have found a workaround, closing down AS and then re-opening, I can then play internet radio, I am waiting anxiously to see what happens with the remote though, as I run a Mac headless, so don’t want to be logging into it to restart AS every time I want to play radio…