Cant play radio stations

Tagged several classical radio stations but every time I try to play one says “error retrieving album tracks” no matter which one I choose.

Hello @randyps65,

Can you give us the name of those radio so we can check them on our side?

At random…
These radios play to me in aimp but not in Audirvana:

I find this happens with all radio stations every time I change to radio after using Qobuz. Note it doesn’t have to be immediately after, I like to play the radio in the morning, but I get this error every time, and I’ve usually played Qobuz the night before. Stations I use are BBC Radio, Radio Paradise, Linn Radio, Absolute Radio.

I have found a workaround, closing down AS and then re-opening, I can then play internet radio, I am waiting anxiously to see what happens with the remote though, as I run a Mac headless, so don’t want to be logging into it to restart AS every time I want to play radio…

The station KUSC does play wonderfully now through Studio. Only minor issue is I have to manually search the streaming stations using Locations/US/California/Los Angeles. When I put mouse over it it says it’s marked as a Favorite but since using Studio it never shows up under My Radios?

I still have to restart AS to play a radio stations. And high resolution stations such as BBC broadcasts are still low-res MP3. I hope these are on the list of issues to rectify ASAP

Do you mean Classical KUSC?

I’ve searched for KUSC and this station showed up. It plays and gets added to my favourites without a problem.

Yes thats the one Classical KUSC. I’ve added it several times to My Music, Radio and it never has remained under My Music. The station sounds fantastic but every time I have to run it from Radios, then choose Location/US/California/Los Angeles.

That’s strange. Is KUSC the only station that gives you this issue?

Yes agree. The only other station set so far also is All Classical Portland which has and always sticks. WCRB Classical in Boston does not show up either.

now it’s saving them? Including that one. Odd.

Strange. I’ve tried all 3 stations and all of them get found through search. And all of them get added to my favourites without problems.

i think the latest Studio version (or recent one) fixed the issue. I had to remove and re add several stations, different types, now all are sticking. Several did show previously marked as favorites, but removing and adding back works. All working now.

I wanted to update you as noted below once I removed and added stations back to My Music now i see them. I still think an update to Studio since release has fixed this issue.

Dear Damien and staff, I had to restart my iMac and when running Studio once again the radio station disappeared from My Radios. I had to go to the master list and when I located it and hovered over with my mouse it had the heart filled in like Favorite. I removed, then readded it and it now shows under My Radios. It plays wonderfully through Studio, but the station is one I stream almost every day.

Do you mean that each time you restart your iMac you have to click on the heart icon two times to add the radio station again in My Radios?

I don’t restart it often but I’ll open and close Studio a few times today/tonight, then do at least one more Mac restart to see the result and will reupdate this topic. I do recall once I had added it the other day I had run Studio a few times and it was there in My Radios. I will reconfirm.

I just added the station, saw it under My Radios, closed Studio, when I reopened it the station was gone again from My Radios. Did that twice. Apparently every time I close Studio it has to be manually readded. It always shows in the Station global lists. This isn’t major issue but will be nice when you have time to determine cause. Everything sounds so great in Studio I’m using the program a lot more for online listening including Qobuz.

I have exactly that problem. Radio stations are there immediately after a restart (headless Mac mini) but before long are no longer on the remotes (iPad or iPhone) and then require a restart before they reappear on the Mac Mini.