Can't see local tidal qobuz on ios iPhone

The new remote: pressing the home, Tidal or Qobuz icons on the remote on ios does nothing. IO 12.5
The only way I can see my local files is to press the disc icon but then I have no thumbnails. The only way to see my tidal and qobuz find is to press the default favorites

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I’m having a very similar issue. I can access my favourites and search but the home icon (the three lines) does not do anything - it is totally non responsive.

I have no way to access local files or browse Qobuz or Tidal.

I’m on a fully updated iPhone 13, Audirvāna Remote 4.0 and the latest Audirvana Studio

Me too the same problem.

Hi guys,

Have you tried to close the app and start it again?

Hi @Antoine , yes that was the first thing I tried. I even deleted the app and reinstalled. Still the same issue.

I have this issue when I first launch the app but when I close and reopen it, the menu is back.

I already asked our developer about it and I’m waiting a reply.

Update: Our developer seems to have fixed the issue, we still need to test it before doing the update.

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The folder (Local?) does not work, too.

I’ve tried it again this morning and everything works! On an iPhone 6s and iPhone 13 the Home button works perfectly. Very strange but I can confirm, for me, the app is now working as it should. Thanks!

Maybe there is something wrong with your downloaded Tidal music files. You can try to delete and re-download them. Since the music files you get from Tidal have DRM protection, that may also cause errors. Try some third-party tools like AudBite Tidal Music Converter to remove the DRM protection and import the music files again.