Can't select headphone output on Mac

MacBook Pro 2016
macOS 12.7.1

A wired connected headphone does not appear in the list of output devices!
When I test in ‘Apple Built-in Output’ mode, the headphone is driven with a downclocked signal, like a space voice :frowning:


The connector works fine outside Studio

Hi @hungryfish,

Can you look at the Audio Midi setup app of MacOS (you can find it under the Utilities folder) when you have your headphone connected? Do you see the unit?

Yes of course, I didn’t pay attention to this setting. If I correct it in the MIDI setup, it works fine. Thanks Antoine!

One more addendum. It is well known that the MBP 2016 can only process 44.1 or 48 kHz when headphones (jack) are connected. This limits its use in the HiRes range in this configuration anyway.

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