Connecting to UPnP rendering devices

I have setup Audirvana on a dedicated W10 machine and usually stream to a pair of Devialet Phantoms using UPnP. The connection to the Phantoms has always been unstable. Sometimes I loose connection while playing a song. Sometimes I can’t even select them as output device. But they are always available to cast mp3 files directly from that machine (right mouse button, cast to Device). I have a wireless and an ethernet network adapter and tried disabling the inactive one as suggested in some threads. Still no success.

How can I get a stable connection from Audirvana to these speakers?

Hello @berlahme, are you using DOS2 on your phantoms or you are using the Dialog?

Thank you @Antoine for following up! I am using DOS2. In the meantime I got them reconnected, but as I said, the connection from Audirvana to the Phantoms seems to be unstable. Another UPNP device I can’t see from Audirvana is a Sonos speaker (Move). Again, I can cast to the Sonos from Windows from that server without problems.

I then suggest you to take a look at this thread -> Devialet DOS 2 connection issue solution

Thank you Damien! I missed that thread. I will try.