Connection popup coming back over and over

I use the latest version of Audirvana on my MacMini. I have the latest version of Remote installed on my iPhone. I have reinstalled the remote with no change…

The problem is that when I open the remote control the picture is flickerin. Not always but almost.

This movie showes the problem
skymning shared a post on Instagram: "Problems with Audirvana Remot on my iPhone. Anyone that have a solution for this?!
#audirvana #audirvanaremote #audirvanaorigin". Follow their account to see 2251 posts.

Any suggestions are welcome!

Link to the movie [skymning on Instagram: "Problems with Audirvana Remot on my iPhone. Anyone that have a solution for this?! #audirvana #audirvanaremote #audirvanaorigin"]


Do you have this issue with the beta version of the iOS Remote? Which version of iOS do you have?

Hi Antoine!
I have iOS 16.1.1 on my iPhone 11 Pro Max.

I have Remote 3.2.1, the latest version.

Can you install the beta version and try to reproduce this issue?

Hi, I have the same problem.
I am using MacBook Air M2 Os Ventura
Iphone 13 Pro IOS 16.0.2

I don’t know what I did, but suddenly the problem was gone. After a few weeks it just dissapeared. I think I did an update of the iOS, and I reinstalled Remote, and now it is working, knock on wood…

Which version of iOS do you have now?

I have iOS 16.1.2

Damn, same problem again! Thought it was fixed but not…

And also another problem I experience, that was not there earlier, just the last few weeks, is that the reaction is slow. So when I want to pause after a song, Audirvana reacts so slow that a new song starts to play for a second or a few seconds. Very annoying! It takes about five-six seconds before Audirvana reacts on the remote controll.

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Experience the same problem with Mac mini and iPhone 11.
Almost everything in Audirvāna over upnp is very slow and buggy.

This issue is note linked at all with UPnP. Which version of iOS do you have.

iOS 16.1.2
Also I used the beta version but the same problems.
Also in beta version I tried to tap main menu to go to
Qobuz or settings and nothing happened.

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