Controlling of Audirvana is frozen after reaching end of any track

I’m using Primare NP5 Firmware 1.40 , Streaming 12074, Aufruf 1.36.145856 as network player / streaming client.

My Music software player on Windows PC is the actual version of Audirvana 3.5.12 .

Both devices communicate via ethernet close to perfect BUT there is a big problem:

After reaching the end of any track Audirvana is hanging up / frozen (no reaction for stop, skip, pause) even the next song in playlist is playing. But the titel progress / update is also frozen and displaying old song with no change of play time . This problem is always. You can reproduce it to any time.

There are a thread with similar topic on support site of Audirvana: Network player stopping playback at end of each track .

In this thread the possible reason for the problem is described as “Some network players using the same network interface have a bug regarding the UPnP Media Renderer implementation. In a nutshell they are not correctly reporting their current playback state”

So my question is: Do I need a firmware update or correction of UPnP behaviour of Primare NP5 ? Or could be the solution an adaption or correction of communication of Adirvana with a special but allowed behaviour of UPnP protocoll ? Or are there other solutions?

Thank you for your support.

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a way to investigate more deeply could be to try with another player (JRiver?) to check if the problem occurs always or only with Audirvana

… it doesn’t occurs with my SOtM sms-200 and rpi4/GentooPlayer

… just realized you are on Window, I’m on Mac

Hello @Matthias, is this the latest firmware update of your Primare?

Hi Damien3, hi to all others,

thanks for your interest support me.

I went on Primare web site looking for firmware update information.
Version 1.40 seems to be the latest.

I also used another UPnP speaker 2015ALL2 of Panasonic. This speaker dosn`t support “fast forward”. So I have no problems with this speaker. But I think also it could be Panasonic player supports just a subset of UPnP protocol.

I have also written to primare support but have no answer yet.
I will let you know if there are any news from Primare.

I will also check tomorrow the suggestion of stefano_mbp using JRiver and let you know.

Thank you all so far.

A lot of thanks to all.

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I have the same problems / behaviour with Audirvana for Mac.

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I have checked with JRiver and there are no problems. No frozen control functions even fast forward is working fine.

Hello Damien3,

the problem seems to exist with Primare NP5 only.
But with other Streaming server software like JRiver NP5 is working fine.
I think there is just a small Software issue.

I try to give you more details of misbehaviour of Audirvana:
If NP5 streaming client (UPnP) playing automatically the next (second) titel of playlist Audirvana is holding the old track / titel with frozen play time. After the end of second titel playback will be stopped (silence) and Audirvana controll functions (play, stop, pause) seemed to be frozen. Often after using skip there is a very scary loud random noise.
Could it be Audirvana foget to skip to the next titel synchron to the titel skip of network client player NP5?
NP5 seems to send the titel play progress and skip information to JRiver because JRiver works fine.
Don’t misunderstand me JRiver is no alternative to Audirvana thats why I fight for correct functionality.

Thank you for your support.

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Hello @Matthias, can you contact Primare regarding your issue? Audirvana use media renderer option of UPnP to send data to DAC, Primare is maybe aware of an issue about it or are currently working on it.