Cosmetic concers

1- Folders View is a great improvement that we have been asking for so long, but it’s OK, here it is finally.
But, please why my arrows and folder icons are so small. (red circles in the following picture).
I can see on other users screenshots that it is not the case ??
You should allow fast search by typing the first letters of artist name and auto selecting the first occurrence of what have been typed. It would be great.

2- Could you correct the size of the "Integer Mode Type " field in order to see if it is 1 or 2.
About this, what is the difference between Mode 1 and Mode 2 (I prefer Mode 1)

3- Could you allow re-organisation of the left flap of the main window.
- Order of the sections
- Remove non-used sections (eg. Selection by right-clic in that zone)
- Static “search” configuration

Thank you for your continued effort to improve this application.

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Which version of MacOS do you ahve?

Hi Antoine,

10.13.6 High Sierra.
It’s my rehearsal studio configuration. When using the large mode for better lisibility the icons stays in default mode.
I saw this morning on my HIFI configuration that it is OK with MOJAVE, but I cannot upgrade the OS (mid-2011 mac mini).
What about the other points of my post. Are they points you plan to work on ?

We will need to check the issue on a virtual machine to find why you get this issue.

For the second point, we will fix it in the next update of Studio.

And finally the third point has been requested by other users, we will also add this but in a future update of Studio.

Thank you for your answer Antoine.
Do you have any information on the difference between Mode 1 and Mode 2 Integer type ?

These are the two playback modes in Direct Mode:

  • Mode 1 which provides the most transparency and depth of sound
  • Mode 2 which is warmer

Select the one that best suits your system and musical tastes.

Yes, that’s typically what I’ve always felt, but what difference is there in the process?
I am curious to know what can affect the sound signature in the way the bytes are transmitted to the DAC.

Hello @Antoine:
My AS doesn’t show the option for Integer Mode 1 or 2. Why?

You don’t have the direct mode enabled.

Thank you @bitracer. Does every DAC have this option?
I can’t find, where to turn it on.

It’s operating system dependent. Newer MacOS iterations don’t support it.

The two modes are activated if Direct Mode is enabled. Until El Capitan Apple allows that possibility. It completly Bypass Apple Core Audio and allow to reach directly the output USB driver.
Unfotunatly AS is not compatible with El Capitan
But it is easy to enabled it until MOJAVE with some small modifications.
Direct Mode enable in Mojave
That’s the reason why I keep several old Mac-mini dedicated to make my AudioPlayers.

Thank you for this information :blush:


Antoine, it is corrected in v1.8.5
Thank you

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