Damien and Manuel present Studio on Audiophile Style's Podcast

This is a one-hour-long interview of Damien and Manuel by Chris, the founder of Audiophile Style forum. It was published today. They speak about their background, about their common work on Studio for two and a half years already, and their future projects for Studio.

IMO, this interview is more interesting than the presentation on Facebook, as they speak specifically about various features of AS. They explain, for instance, why they thought that it was a good idea to add the MusicBrainz ID tag directly to our files, and explain other things.

They say that they knew that people do not love subscription, but they have the intention to convince us that it’s a good thing.
And they confirm that they are working on a remote for AS.

And on Apple Podcasts

You know, why not take care of your current customers? They’re the easiest ones to sell if you’re honest with them!

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This implies you think Damien is being dishonest. It’s a big call. I can’t find any dishonesty in anything Damien or Audrivana have said.

Here’s my take on being honest with your customers:

Communication-We know there’s a number of issues with AS. We expect to be releasing updates on an X basis.

Remote-We realize that a remote for AS is needed. We expect to have it available on X.

Customer goodwill-We are well aware that the launch of AS has not met our users expectations. Additionally, we understand that many have reached the end of their free trial. We apologize for the predicament we’ve placed you in. We will extend all current customers free trial of AS for 90 days.

That is what a professionally run company would do. I’ve yet to see any level of professionalism exhibited by Damien in the month since the release of AS.


Completely agree.
Lack of communication is the most frustrating aspect of this product iteration.

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Well, that puts paid to the theory that AS is a brand new product with just a few niggles due to its infancy. Two and a half years of design and development for what has been submitted to us a few weeks ago? That ship is too big for its crew.

So, for quite some time, they have been unable to realise that the UI typeface is too small, and find a solution to it?
So, for quite some time, they have not been able to pick up on dysfunctions or other quirks?
So for quite some time, they would not consult with a focus group or a panel of supportive clients to realise that writing data in customers’ files is a no-no?

I do not believe it is dishonest, I believe it is inept.
Good luck to those who hope a swift solution to their difficulties.
This is disappointing, to say the least…

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I have no doubt that Damien is well aware of the shortcomings of As. He will working like a dog to get things, working properly. A new product will always have issues.

Please let’s give this thing a chance.


That’s what we are doing for a full month now.


Philip, I wish I could agree with you. After 4 weeks, I wonder how many could. I have to check and see if my trial ended. Even after I requested the extension.

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I don’t understand why users have to request trial extensions.
And wait for it to get approved.

Why not just extend each active trial by few weeks and everyone is content.

Is it another little power trip?


I wish Audirvana well, as I believe the market needs an efficient and pleasant music player for HiRes audio.
Audirvana has had a few years ahead of the crowd, but I find difficult to believe that only Audirvana can durably bring a sound quality that no one else can bring?
Their current difficulties are someone else’s opportunity.

My main disappointment is this:
Why did they choose this moment to release AS, when most agree that it is a glorified Beta release, still without a Remote app.
Could they not wait a couple of month more, and make sure their offer would be perceived as more robust?

Unexpectedly, it is Damien that I found the more grounded one in the interview. Kudos to him.
Look the UI, I heard Manuel mention it was left to an “art director” to design it.

Considering that the Audiophile Style interview happened after the release of AS 1.0, all I heard was the promise of a brighter future, “we mean well”, “we have ideas”, “bear with us”, but again, no actual commitments or acknowledgment of some ghastly shortcomings.
Is Customer Relations a field that can suffer “Blue Sky Thinking” for very long?

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UI needs a user to input how to operate … then get arty. Then back to user to see if it’s USABLE.

Damien forgot to consult us users.

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I agree. And it’s been a hilarious month. By hilarious I mean not in a funny way.

Thank you for the self-evident suggestions…
I shall keep them with me always, and cherish them.

I bow to the master…


Classy :ok_hand:


In one of the strong moments of the in the interview, Manuel said to Chris that they knew that people hate subscription, but that they are going to convince us to sign for it. He did not say how he is going to be convincing and what will be the arguments to make us adhere to this innovative concept.

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And yet here you are also every day and bitch and moan to everybody who disagrees with you or has criticism on AS… Oh wait… now I am confused.


Was that reply really necessary? And no, I don’t need to flag it.


No surprise how this topic went I see.