Damien and Manuel present Studio on Audiophile Style's Podcast

I paid a visit to the thread of AS on Roon forum, and what did I see?
You are reporting there the issues that you have with AS!

Unbelievable! What sacrilege!
Here you just keep saying that everything works for you PERFECTLY.

You even managed to put AS and the word problematic in the same sentence, God forbid!


@Grwfsywash @philipjohnson

I agree 100% with you Phil, but it also needs a dedicated programmer or programming team. It’s a real job and if your are not minded for that you are in trouble. It is obvious that the UI of ROON have had a dedicated team and manager. If the company structure is too small for that there is a way to do it with talented students of engeenering schools. They are looking for interesting missions. I did that in my company when we have developped our softwares.
Art Director !! This is intellectual masturbation. May come when all is working fine, and there is a long way left for that.

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Finally got time to listen to the podcast. I’ve heard “puff” pieces before where the interviewer asks softball questions and doesn’t look hard at the product. This was the perfect example of that.

I keep wondering when Damien is going to respond to his customers. The very people that put and keep him in business. To answer their questions. I just about ran off the road when Manuel was speaking about how the subscription model was good for everyone. At 50:45 he states, “it makes you focused on your EXISTING CUSTOMERS rather than the future ones.”

If that were only the case.


Because as Manuel says, they will focus on their existing customers!

Maybe there’s no relation between the two, but Audirvana Studio had advertising adds on Audiophile Style. It’s something you pay for. :wink:


And what are we ? Existing, past or potential customers?


I’ve had a great experience with AS so far after the initial week of crashes and a few niggles. I can’t complain as I’m running Catalina on a 2009 MBP and I’m stoked that I can listen to amazing sounding music uninterrupted.
I use a ton of software as I’m a composer and I have to say sadly that this is the worst launch I’ve ever partaken in. However everything works brilliantly for me now and I really like the UI small fonts and all. Sorry for all you guys who need glasses to operate AS.
Bummed that the remote is not out yet as I see it as an essential part of the experience and should have been ready at launch. Communication from As leaves much to be desired but I’d rather Damien spend his time improving AS than answering every question directed at him. Some of which are completely a waste of time and a bit of trouble shooting could remedy. I get a strong sense of entitlement from this forum which is sad. If people are so upset they should just look for alternatives.


I don’t understand anything about RPi4 or RPi3…
All I see is that here you say “perfectly”.
And there, you say problematic".

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Let me make sure I understand. You’re absolutely fine with a beta program that you’ll be paying for shortly. The problems people are experiencing are their fault. Damien shouldn’t be answering people in the forums. I think I’ve got all that right.

Let me say that it’s fascinating reading Damien apologists posts. For the problems with the program: the multitude of issues a wide variety of people are having with a number of bugs is huge for a supposed market ready program. It’s a BETA THAT SHOULDN’T HAVE BEEN RELEASED! And these aren’t people off the street. They’re existing users that are familiar with the program.

Damien shouldn’t respond to customers in the forums. Somebody should. They acknowledge that they need their existing customers, BUT THAT’S SOUND BITES FOR AN INTERVIEW!

Please enjoy the program and I’m sure you’ll be happy to pay for it. But if you have any extra rose colored glasses, we’d all like a pair.


I am enjoying the programme. I agree that it is far from ready and was prematurely released. I said that. I also agree that Audirvana needs a dedicated competent person to deal with questions and troubleshooting on this forum. It’s not the customers fault for problems in the software and I didn’t say that. Rose coloured glasses are everywhere. Check Amazon.

When Audirvana is asking users to pay a monthly or annual subscription fee, you better believe there is a strong sense of entitlement. People want to make sure they are getting what they pay for. And you better believe they are looking for an alternative as well if Damien continues to ignore users’ concerns.


Exposed lmao

This is a new tune that you are singing tonight.
In other words, with your server AS is problematic, like for many people on this forum.
And for USB DAC playback, you will probably pass to Apple Music.

What is left for AS?

This is a reasoning that I understand.
With these $70 of subscription that you’ll spare, you be able to buy some albums of good music that you love, and that you’ll be able to listen to all your life. And you will even leave them as a legacy to your kids that will be happy to have them.

Can you refund your annual subscription?

I’m happy that your ONC was wrong. I wish you long years of pleasure of listening to all the sources of music that are available to you.


Exactly so if you’re not happy don’t pay? If you haven’t paid you’re not entitled to anything. I’m not paying yet until the remote is released as I feel this software is incomplete without and I want to get the full year of subscription with the use of the remote. I’m not fighting for Damien and have mentioned before that it’s the worst software release I’ve experienced.

So when you get cut off and it takes 3-4 months for all the kinks to get worked out, will you pay full price then?

My two week extension expires 6/16. Like tomorrow. Beta any better? Nope. Remote available? Naw.

But pay up or we cut you off!

Same for me, the remote is a dealbreaker. Even if the player was perfect, and it’s far from being so, no remote, no subscription and even no acquisition of a license, if Damien changes his minds and offers it for sale for a discounted price.

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