DIRAC 2.0 in Renderer mode

My problem is as follows: I am using an MSB ANALOG DAC connected to a Mac Mini via both USB and Ethernet (renderer) inputs.I am running OS X Catalina on my machine and running Audirvana 3.5.53 as my playback software.When I tried to use DIRAC Live 2.0 for DRC everything runs perfectly with the USB connection, the filters are saved and implemented perfectly.However, I cant get it to work when I use my Renderer output.When I use the measuring tool it recognises the DIRAC processor but does not produce the white noise on selecting the individual speakers and so I cannot set the volume levels or proceed with the measurements. On playback the saved filter (saved when measuring via USB) pops up and works perfectly in the USB mode but does not in the renderer mode! Am I doing something wrong or is the AU filter simply not supported in the Renderer mode? Any help would be appreciated.Thanks!

Hello @Hiind, can you make a screenshot of your Dirac Live processor when you want to use your renderer output?

![image|690x468](upload://x9SVJsMjbPtuFHTlYaiNR56uMyK. Here is a screenshot in the Renderer mode before a track is played.

And now one when a track is playing…

Please note that the Audio unit (DLP) does not pop up as it does when I play it through the USB mode indicating that it has not been activated.

In the USB mode the DLP immediately pops up, the filter is shown as being on and the meters indicate the music levels.

Thanks for the help.


Arun (Hiind)

Oh you are in UPnP, this is why you don’t have the Audio Unit popup. The real-time option is only available with a wired connection to your DAC because UPnP cause delay to change the settings of the audio Unit. We will try to improve this in a future update and maybe let Real-time control with UPnP device.


Thank you so much for all your help! Will wait for the update eagerly!

Hello @ Damien3,
I would also be very happy if real-time control with the UPnP device would be possible.
See this contribution: Audio Units starts only a few seconds after the beginning of the song

Thanks Gubi.

Just discovered that the plug-in was engaged and working with the real time selection in the off position! It doesn’t pop up but the filter is perfectly engaged given the difference in sound and the variation in volume that shows up when I change the volume on the filter ! And no latency issues with Catalina. Sounds wonderful so thank you Damien!