DSD DOP option missing DietPI / NO "Native DSD streaming method" appears

The maximum DSD sample-rate that your RPI will support is 5.8MHz (DSD128)… The PCM carrier sample-rate is 35.28kHz… DSD256 needs a PCM carrier sample-rate of 705.6kHz, etc, etc…

My question is why does the macOS Audio MIDI Settings not see your DAC? This is at the Core Audio level and has nothing to do with Audirvana, as the player looks for the available audio output device found in Audio MIDI Settings …
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I have no clue…

But should it be a problem, nothing should work… while I can stream 24/192 to the dac with no pb

If this is a screen-shot of your playback devices… Where is the RPI device? It is only showing the Built-in Output (Headphones)

Hi @dh3rm3 ,

You are wasting your time with the advices of a person whose competency is poor, and who never streamed.

  1. Your RPi won’t appear in Audio Midi, because it is located on your LAN. Only devices that are attached to the USB port of your Mac appear in Audio Midi.
  2. 386 kHz is the equivalent of DSD256 indeed.

I advise you to flash Ropieee XL on a micro SD card to check if Audirvana streams DSD to it.
This way, you’ll know if the issue is in the settings of DietPi.

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Maybe it’s a dumb question but do I need Roon with Ropieee XL ? Or does it act as a standalone renderer ?

@Agoldnear I think Cloclo is right, only devices local will show there

You can stream to Ropiee XL with any player, including Audirvana, because it has all the renderers: UPNP, RAAT, NAA, Squeezelite…

Well worth a try.
I’ll get a micro SD tomorrow and come back here for a follow up

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I defer to @Cloclo because he, (in my opinion) is the contributor on this forum that will be able to provide the most expert advice on implementing these networking systems and device… I’m glad he has jumped in here for you :+1:


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It’s quite simple to configure RopieeeXL as a UPNP renderer to make it work with Audirvana. The instructions on Ropieee’s site are very clear.
If you need help to configure it, just ask.

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