Duplicate tracks after update!

Hi! Just noticed that after latest update, all tracks on all my TIDAL playlists are duplicated! Help! Absolutely impossible to fix this by hand.

Regards, Eduardo

Hello @Eduardomec,

Can you share some screenshot of one of those playlist with duplicates?

Same problem here in a lot of albums. Check integrity, re-index and defragmenting the database does not work:

Hello @LETRA and @Eduardomec ,

We made a test version that should fix your issue, can you try it? (you will need to remove your database since the path of your duplicates are in it) https://audirvana.com/delivery/AudirvanaStudio_1.6.4.6_m.dmg

Thanks @Antoine , what should I do? Is this a window 10 executable?

Thank you. But do you think it is normal to delete a database that takes days to build? At the rate Audirvana processes music, can this be the solution? I had no duplicates. The duplicates were created by the wrong new version. It should be as simple as the app deletes by itself those paths that it has duplicated. I don’t pay to be a betatester.

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Your NAS may had an update and it cause the path located in your database to not be properly recognized by Studio since you have the Volume/ on some track and other do not have it. Does your NAS automatically update itself?

I have the same duplicated tracks problem on my local library. My music is also on my NAS. This is an old concern that was already existing in A+. I know from this forum that we are a lot of user experiencing this annoying problem. A definitive solution would be greatly appreciated.

There is a fix for it in the version i sent earlier in this thread but it’s the MacOS version, not Windows 10.

Ok I am on Mac. I’m going to try it and let you know.


My music is not on a NAS but on a Drobo 5C external hdd. I don’t know if this is a new or old problem. It happened to me after the last update. A message popped up from Audirvana saying that the volume ID has changed and asking if it was the same volume or not. I answered yes. From there I started to find a lot of falsely duplicated albums. Not all of them, but most of them. This kind of problem cannot be solved by deleting the database because re-creating it is a very slow process, taking several days. You must enable a backup system, to restore the library to a state before the failure. And do not release new versions that are not professionally tested.

You can copy your database on the desktop after closing Audirvana. Then delete the real one, open Audirvana, and see how it goes. If not happy, close Audirvana and replace the new one .sqlite with the backup you made on desktop to revert like you were… with the doubles…

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I can follow your advice or I can do like most others and use another app that solves the problems that users are complaining about. I will think about it.

You are right.

But trying a cure first, then see after if it worked, might be more rewarding, if you like that application more at the beginning…

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Ok Antoine, as per now it seems to work fine.
Thank you.

Hi @Antoine, are you going to fix this in the next windows 10 release?

Hello @Antoine and all,

Is there already a solution to solve the duplicate tracks in TIDAL playlists in windows machines?

Thanks, Ed

Yes, will do the same fix for Windows 10.

Thank you for your promptness on that one.

Hi @Antoine and AS team,

I’ve updated AS to latest version but, contrary to expectations, my TIDAL playlists remain with duplicate entries. Please help resolve the issue. Below is a screenshot of the problem.

Regards, Eduardo