Duplicate tracks - is it back again in Studio?

Well, this gets more confusing by the day. I had cleared the duplicates problem by deleting the database and starting again, letting AS import a good (duplicate free) V3.5 database, all seemed OK, other than AS was doing its ‘analysing’ thing again, but we all understand what’s is going on there now.

This morning I start up AS to see it spending a while ‘synchronising’ - the upshot is that I now have many albums with duplicates again. I have just checked through a random selection of albums and quite a lot have duplicates.

Strangely, nothing has changed in my local music library, I haven’t fiddled at all, no new album covers, no new albums, nothing.

When you just want to play some music the question has to be asked - do I really need to waste time with this?

My AS trial ends today (I have requested an extension) but I think it is time to just give up and go back to V3.5, perhaps revisit AS sometime in the future.

Having tried what you did try, you may want to try this:

  1. Create a backup of your A3.5 database. by copying it somewhere else.

  2. in A 3.5, preferences, erase all the music files folder(s) you had setup.
    You have now in A3.5 a database with all your playlists, all your connections to streaming, and no music at all. You can leave A3.5

  3. Launch AS, and import the A3.5 database when prompted.

  4. Once the A3.5 database has been imported, go to AS preferences and indicate the location(s) of your music files, as they were in A3.5.
    AS should now proceed with the synchronisation and analysis of the music files.

  5. You can now go back to A3.5 to restore its database from the backup you made in 1.
    All should be back as it should be in A3.5.

  6. When AS has finished synchronising, you should hopefully have all your music in the same state as in A3.5, without duplicate. :crossed_fingers:

Thats an interesting method, not one I have tried before.

I will give it go soon when I get some spare time, thank you for the suggestion.

Well, I decided to trash my AS .sqlite database files (as well as the same files for v3.5) and essentially start all over, per RunHomeSlow’s directions earlier in this thread. So far, so good: everything synced perfectly, with no duplicates (yet!), but while doing its “analyzing”, it’s still appending stuff to the “Artist” field as I mentioned before–not sure if I can live with that, but at least it’s not actually writing this stuff to my music files. Only several more hours to go–fingers crossed for no more duplicates!

This is the fault of the MuscBrainz ID tag. But if you stream, it is supposed to provide you with an enhancement.

Then after, don’t forget to close Studio again and copy again that .sqlite file as today backup :grinning:

Well, just discovered something in this evening and i want to share with you. When i listen to a track on Qobuz and i tick the heart sign to add it to favorites he is added TWICE. So after a short examination i found the problem: is added on Qobuz favorites and AS db. After deleting the favorite track from Qobuz is displayed only once. BABAAAM!

Unfortunately, no solid resolution yet, may be a deciding factor in my desire to carry this endeavor out past the trial period

Duplicates is a bug in Audirvana and Studio and still exist… i know…
they are not real duplicates, they are ghost files… it is like it add a slash or add a path that doesn’t exist in front of you music folder… why? that i don’t know…
Damien either i think, since it is still present

there is only one way i found, erase the database (not fun)…
and i wrote the way to manage it up there in this thread…

after you are done with the cure, you have to save that perfect database of the day…
if you do tagging the next day, save that database again to have a latest backup…
that way, you trust you, not Audirvana to take care of what you work hard to have…

Then, if the duplicate of an album or songs happen again, just close Audirvana and replace the .sqlite database file with you latest backup and restart Audirvana. that way, you will just lose that play count of the albums you have played since the backup replace…

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I am still having problems with duplicate tracks with AS 1.5.7. It happens whenever I add a new local album to my library, or even if I add an album cover JPG to an existing album. I am unable to make additions to my local library without it resulting in duplicate tracks.

After making such a change I am faced with a whole bunch of existing albums all showing up in my ‘Recently Added’ smart playlist, non of these albums have changed in any way and are certainly not ‘recently added’. In all cases the albums concerned have a full compliment of duplicate tracks. Currently it seems to be affecting a full artist collection, for example ALL albums for David Bowie, Kate Bush, Lloyd Cole, Robert Cray, Porcupine Tree and so on, generally something like 12 to 15 artists at a time.

I have a number of saved databases that are free of duplicates but that doesnt always seem to clear the problem. I generally have to go back to the oldest of my ‘clean’ database backups which was taken before the analysing files process was complete, so that starts from the beginning.

Newly subscribed to AS. Boom…duplicate tracks. Trashed the music folder in AS and created anew. Problem still there. Checked the music source folder from my NAS, nope no duplicate files. Has anybody finally found the sure and easy cure?


Duplicate tracks after update!

Take a look to that post. It work for me after several days. :crossed_fingers:. If you have a Mac you can try.

Thanks, Alain.
My AS is a newer version than the the post is asking to install. Is this correct and should I install for the fix?

I don’t understand, the last official version is 1.6.4, so you cannot have a newer version than ??

When I tried to install the downloaded .dmg file, the system pops up a message saying I have a newer version and whether I want to do install.

To be accurate, when I try to move the downloaded AS to the Applications folder this message comes up…“A newer item named ‘Audio Studio’ already exists in this location. Do you want to replace it with the older one you’re moving?” Options are KEEP, STOP, REPLACE. At this point, I am unsure to proceed. Also, where can I see my AS version as there is no “About Audivarna” in the app. Thanks

You can see it in menu “Audirvana Studio” → “Debug Info”. A window opens, look at the first line.

I went ahead with the install of after confirming my AS is 1.6.4. The first time, there were still duplication of music tracks. I decided to redo the installation again but this time trashing the AS application first, and then deleting the AS files under the Application Support in the Library folder per RunHomeSlow earlier post.

The Sync is still running but I notice there are no duplicates in the initial albums loaded so far - hopefully a good sign. The sync is running much slower this time. As such it would time a while to finish. I will give an update once I’ve verified the albums after the sync process.

Yes you would have to trash the file in the library as this is the corrupted one!
When sync is finished put a copy of it on your desktop for security, but until today mine is still OK :crossed_fingers:

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Based on the albums I sampled, the downloaded AS version seem to have fixed the problem. Thank you.

However, and I am not sure if is caused by this version, I have missing tracks in so many of the albums although the music track files are in the source folders. This is a different topic so I guess I have to post in the appropriate thread.

Hi anyone any luck with dealing with the problem of duplicate tracks in Windows10?