Editing metadata for SACD ISO

Hi, sorry if this is an already answered question, I searched but only found info for converting SACD ISO to DSF or DFF

I am not interested in converting my SACD ISO library into DSF or DFF files. I want to keep it as is in ISO package.
Is there any way to edit the metadata for SACD ISO? I read that jriver can, but it adds a .xml sidecar file that it alone can read. Audirvana wouldn’t read it, so makes it program specific.

If there is a way Audirvana can read such sidecar files, I’d love for someone to explain how I can do it, or if there is a software to edit the SACD ISO metadata, I’d really love to know which!

Thanks for your input

extract the iso, edit meta data, convert to iso. as easy as it can be

you mean convert to dsf, edit metadata, convert back to iso?
seems like a lot of work to do to a whole library

Extracting DSFs isn’t difficult, but doing the same task for hundreds of albums is time-consuming. My recommendation is only to extract ISOs that have substantially incorrect or incomplete metadata. As I add ISOs to my Audivarna library, I can see which albums are reasonably well tagged and which are not. Adding a booklet to an ISO is an alternative approach. There are vendors who provide PDFs of download albums that were previously released on SACD. Or you can scan the original SACD booklet to PDF. I’ve created a few PDF booklets for hi-res downloads, using text and photos from the record label or artist’s website.

Has this ever been resolved? Whenever I try to manually edit metadata of a track coming from a SACD ISO file in Audirvana 3.5.37 (3567) on my Mac I get the following error:

“# tracks have not been updated probably due to a write permission issue”

where # is the number of tracks I have selected.

it is a lock format…
You are stuck with the tags that were put on at first… if you don’t want to work a bit…

download this for free:

Select your .iso and extract… in .dsf sony, NOT in .dff that can’t be tagged after.
then put them in Audirvana or others soft and tag the right way you like, put the cover you want…
and voila, done for life…

I’m sure you don’t have 1000 iso to convert.

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Thanks for the tip. I don’t have 1000s of ISO but probably 10s or 100s (and always looking to expand the collection). It seems that, instead of the GUIs, I can just use sacd_extract (I compiled my own 0.3.9 from github, didn’t have success with dsf2flac though) directly on a script in order to batch convert.

Anyway, I fail to understand the logic behind Audirvana’s handling of SACD ISOs. Isn’t storing metadata externally in a SQLite DB (AudirvanaPlusDatabaseV2.sqlite) supposed to allow the user to edit/save album/track/artist/composer/etc info ? It looks like a limitation to me and I want it to be fixed in future releases.

The tags are saved with the files… in the database… locked files or format can’t be saved or changed or can’t now :grinning:

Going back to my original post 2018, I guess the issue is , why can’t there be an external database or sidecar with the metadata? That would solve so many issues of having to extract DSF from ISO.
Obviously that would be a feature request for Damien to consider, but I can’t imagine it being that difficult to implement?

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This Tool may help you to edit sacd iso’s tags

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Hi Thomas, Can you change or add covers to iso files?