I Write a SACD ISO Tag Editor

SACD ISO’s tags are often incorrect or missing. I can’t find a tool to edit tags, so I spent my spare time making this tool, hoping it will help you.If you feel good, you can donate it, Thank you. If you have any problems, send them to my e-mail: [email protected]

Suggest, before edit ISO, backup it!

V1.4.2 add MusicBrainZ to search tags
V1.4.3 fix tracks count <=3, lost last track info.
V1.4.4 add Year, and charset add Chinese info.
V1.5.0 change UI, add TouchBar, can Paste Tracks info from web, fix some bugs.
V1.5.1 fix Charset changed not save, Chinese(GB2312) is ok now.
V2.0 add Mulit-ISO open, open a iso will in a new tab.
V2.1 add SACD ISO Preview / QuickLook, need run new version once.

Audirvana may not auto reload ISO info, Please remove the ISO and add it again.

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This is really cool.

Thanks very much man, was looking for something like this, but it’s for Mac right? I have Win10.

Genius! This is absolutely perfect! Incredible how this isn’t available anywhere else!! Definitely going to play around with this great tool

I’ve been playing around these last days with the editor, it really is fantastic. Great job Thomas :slight_smile:
Just two little bugs on my setup, 2018 MacMini with Big Sur installed………

ISO‘s with 3 or less tracks; the editor has problems with Track names;

A manual correction doesn’t work, and ISO‘s with many tracks, ditto, track names are left out and unfortunately can’t be added manually:-(

Maybe you can look into this further…… otherwise a great help to us perfectionists!

Thank for your feedback.
There is latest version, bugs fixed:

Thanks Thomas but this doesn’t help as I am on High Sierra and I intend to stay there as long as I can. You app requires Big Sur.

Pls try this for 10.13:

Works beautifully Thomas, especially with this lastest update!
Thanks for all the hard work :smile:

My macOS 11.4, and my SACD ISO Tag Editor version is 1.4.3, open the ISO file and modify the meta data for the ISO such as artist, title, etc., then save the ISO, but the meta data can’t save to ISO, when re-open the ISO, modification information is roll back.

could you kindly help to advise?


Hi @Thomas_Hou ,
Your initiative is very nice. It’s the first that I see a tagger for ISO SACD.
I tried to tag with the last version 1.4.3, and unfortunately, it doesn’t for me. I’m using an Intel MBP on macOS 11.4.

@ansonliao @Doudou ,

  1. Audirvana don’t autoupdate iso tags sometimes, you need move iso out and put back.
  2. Share the iso to me, I can check why, to make it work.
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My experience as well…… first delate from Audirvana and after rewriting the ISO, put back :blush:. After a small learning curve l‘ve found this little app a fantastic help!

Thank you @Thomas_Hou for the tip.
It works the way you say.

Maybe I did not understand how to use the app, but I was only able to change the name of the “Album Artist” and the name of the “Album”, as you can see in the screenshot.
I changed “Angela Hewitt” to “Hewitt, Angela” and changed the name of the album by adding “[SACD]” in the end.

I did not find a way to change the name of the composer of all the tracks, unless I change them one by one.
I was also unable to change the “Genre”. I wanted to input “Piano”, but as this is not one of the presets, it was impossible to input it.

If I can make you a suggestion, it will be very useful for this app to be able to change the tag of “Artist”. It’s impossible to display and to change this tag. Such feauture will be useful for compilations, for instance, or for classical music and jazz where there are different collaborators at each track.

Edit Track’s Title, Artist, Composer:

  1. For all column edit: Click table header column, will popover a input view.
  2. Select some rows: Mouse on these, Click Right mouse will popover a input view.

Genre only these items, Because SACD standards only these items.

Thanks for your reply.
Please download the demo SACD ISO file from the cloud storage:

part 1:
part 2:

And record the medication as the GIF as below, please kindly check.
Jul-19-2021 16-20-35

Also, for Chinese/Japanese characters, could you kindly help to advise what charset should be selected?

Thanks for your great support.

Another SACD ISO:

Fectch code: b4zx

Jul-19-2021 14-42-21

Try every charset,if is ok for Chinese, see tooltip when mouse hover on.
Or, Google every charset meaning, study.

@Thomas_Hou This little utility is incredible! Thank you.
It made me decide to revert back to a full ISO-based archive and skip DSF files altogether. I can’t believe how fast it is as well.

Small request - any chance you can add support for ratings into the tool (I’m not even sure if that’s supported as metadata).
It’s not possible for me to give star ratings inside Audirvana if I am using ISO files since it cannot “burn” the rating into the file itself, so I’m wondering if that can be added as extended metadata somehow.

Thanks again!

I can’t save the change in Mac Big Sur 11.5.2 with version 1.4.4

Great many thanks,