Error recognizing Tidal track format

This is not a video

Understand. Sorry I didn’t help you.

And it really only plays frequencies up to 11 kHz

I found an post from 2018 mentioning Audirvana does not support AAC+.
AAC is no problem.

Could this be something?

What ever the problem may be 96kbps is not anywhere near acceptable for a paid service.


Probably not when he recognized Antoine correctly.

A wild guess. I saw @DGrigorescu had used K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool to repair the codecs.

I can confrm just for mp3 codec. Here is the link:

It is a good idea to have installed even if don’t solve the problem. Along with VLC and AS are the only players that I use. And Qobuz app. And iTunes just rarely for an old iPod and also for codecs. Never WMP.

@e1mrba, what is the Tidal quality you have selected in Tidal settings in Studio?

I tried both lossless and master

It seems that if you fill out this survey you can indicate that an album is not available in the desired quality.

On Qobuz it is available in cd quality.

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Does this album is the only one in this case or all of the album you see in Tidal have the same behavior?

Just this, the others are OK.

You should ask Tidal about why you can’t get the 16/44 for this album, it’s probably an issue on their side.

I don’t have this problem with Tidal via roon and mconnect (screens in the first post)

Details from foobar2000:


For me there are two problems here.

  1. Tidal offers a low lossy file where a lossless file is available.

  2. Audirvana doesn’t like the aac file and doesn’t decode it properly.

This file is not a FLAC file, it’s then a lossy version of this Album that Tidal has in his catalog.

Have you tried the other version which is MQA in Audirvāna Studio?

Also for the Roon screenshot you sent. Tidal is not give 24/44 track unless it’s not a MQA tracks so what displayed by Roon is either a mistake by them or they upsample the track without indicating it in the signal path.

I’m a bit puzzled by the last screenshot you sent, is it the file you are trying to play in Tidal that you downloaded from Tidal by removing it’s DRM protection?

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Other versions are ok. The file was downloaded from Tidal. (Source: SK HiFi forum

This then means exactly what I said earlier. We do not recommend you to do such thing as this is clearly against the ToS of Tidal Terms and Conditions of Use | TIDAL

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An unknown member of the sk forum did it