[FIXED] Playback stops. Again, and again, and again

This is becoming a very annoying issue… random stopping of playback. happens too often.
Audirvana is rapidly becoming unfit for purpose…

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This is a repeat of my post. I agree. The app is now useless. Even worse, if you rely on it as your only source you are stuffed. The app no longer stops 10 seconds from the end but in the middle.

Me too. I can’t even get 1 track to play all the way through. This is a nightmare.

Is anyone looking at these posts? Or doing anything? Can we have a roll back to the previous version? I could at least listen to most of the tracks

The robot admin is very clever…not, annoying yes.
Support seems to be lacking lately.

I have found ( I think) the problem. When the cut out happens it is because the audio output is switching to the TV.- I noticed this by chance. Stopping the app and switching back to my DAC means that it plays again - at least for a while. Can someone PLEASE tell me how to stop this happening ?

workaround?” Might just have a workaround. Try unplugging the optical output on the mac and just use the usb to Dac. Just played 3 tracks straight with no stopping
let me know if it works for you. ps Since when does the buyer try to sort out problems himself ?

I reduced the buffer memory significantly and mine hasn’t stopped playing since then. I’m on a MacBook Air playing either via an Avantree LL AptX transmitter or USB directly to my DAC.

Didn’t work here… still getting random stopping… sometimes starting track again fixes it, sometimes a restart of audirvana… files play perfectly well in all other players… this is a fault in audirvana, and needs fixing… this is an expensive app, and support is minimal…

Try turning off upsampling, worked for me…but what is the point of buying this software then?

I have the same probleem as you, i think there is a fault in audirvana nad the engineers of audirvana have to be a solution for this problem

I have the same problem with PCM upsampling but it never happens as long as I use DSD upsampling. Anyway, this should be fixed by Audirvana engineers ASAP.

  1. Playback problems
  2. Sorting problems
  3. Application design problems
  4. Inert support response

These are recently discussed problems of Audirvana. Although I have been using solely Audirvana for severak years, I decide to use Roon (which is very stable and versatile software) in addition to Audirvana in order to wait patiently for these issues to be solved.

By the way, both softwares sound very good. My impression is that Audirvana is “resolution” while Roon is “power” in terms of sound quality.

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In reply.

  1. new beta upgrade seems to have solved the playback stoping issue
  2. sorting is not something i have a problem with
  3. agree with this… not a fan of the design… too windows.
  4. agree with support response lacking

cant, or rather, won’t try roon… way too expensive and complex… likewise, being old school, i don’t use any streming service… I like an artist, I buy their music. Either CD or digital download if is cd+ quality. not wishing to start anything, but, audio over 48k is snake oil…

This bug has been quite frustrating for us, as some of you are encountering it, but we have never been able to reproduce it on our test Macs. So not able to provide any satisfactory answer. How can you fix something you don’t encounter?
Maybe it was something linked to a specific CPU/OS combination?

The good news is that thanks to a user who was able to reproduce it easily, and was of great help testing instrumented versions, we have been able to find a culprit, and fix it!

You can now get the 3.5.16 that contains the fix by using the “Check for updates…” command of the Audirvana menu.

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I have confirmed “1. playback problems” are fixed. Thank you very much!

Thanks for the confirmation this is fixed. I’m then now closing this thread as fixed.