Handling Metadata

Have loaded my music server into Audirvana. It is organized by folders, each folder representing an artist, such as Bob Dylan, and so on. These files are all AIFF, and the Artist metadata field seemed to do a pretty good job of capturing this information.

All good, and I use Aurirvana’s Artists feature to display this structure. However, there are a bunch of entries represented by a Data field, which contains such things as “1_End Credit_End Credit 5”. I tried using Metadata editor to rename the artist or change the sort order, but it was not completely successful.

Is there a way to just get rid of these items?


not sure to understand all, but can you post a picture?

if it is a Artist wrongly named, click that artist to see all his albums, then put the data editor and see if it as two different entries there…

For example, the big blob pointed to by the arrow is what I’m trying to delete.

When I use Editor to try to delete it, here’s what I get:

I cannot find the music that this was hooked to at all.


that album if you click it has no song in it?

or try to find it in tracks view and put ‘File Location’ tab to see where it is…
have the artist tab and album and file location at minimum, then by artist you can find it and then look at file location and see

There’s no music here, and I could not find it after scrolling through the Tracks listing.

When you click that artist and put the meta editor what do you see… like in my picture

I thought I knew basically wha the tag fields were, but this Data field is a new one to me.

you don’t just have one, they are all after your Z artists

you can try to find them here also:

Right you are; there are a number of them. I tried to banish them to the bottom of the Artists list by changing Sort Order to ZJUNK. There is an artist name, but I could not change it. See

I scanned the list of tags top to bottom and could not find this artist.

go back to artist in your first picture… round yellow picture, then click on it…
you see your second picture purple and white… click one time on it
and bring again the meta window… you see something there in Artist field?
change it and save.

in your last picture, we can see many of your artists…
You wrote your artists like that? or it was made elsewhere :slight_smile:

This is the metadata that was imported when I ripped CDs. In addition, have loaded music from other sources.
This is the basic problem: Metadata usage is inconsistent. I intend to change these entries. But first I want to eliminate all these crazy entries that represent nothing.

It is probably better to use an external tool instead of Audirvana. Audirvana is suited for changing individual meta tags, but not very handy for what you want.

I am on Windows and use Music Brainz Picard and MP3Tag for that. I see you are on a Mac. See the link below.

6 Best Free MP3 Tag Editor For Mac To Edit Songs Metadata [2022] (wethegeek.com)

In a program like MP3Tag you can load your whole library or just a selection of folders and see all the metadata in a simple grid format. In this way it is much easier to find ‘weird’ tags than in Audirvana.
You can also filter and sort and select multiple lines and change/edit what you want.

Programs like these are much better for bulk edit than Audirvana.
In short: Edit your Meta tags in another tool. After that let Audirvana do a fresh new synchronization of your edited tags.

Many thanks for the help. Finally killed off these zombies; see below:

Absolutely agree with use of a bulk editor, and have already downloaded TagEditor for that purpose.

General question:

When I display contents of my music file using Artists, the order is roughly what you find in the Artist field of the Metadata, but not quite. Can you explain how Artists display actually sorts and presents your file?


Library - Artists
are displayed a-z or z-a

if you have some in wrong order, it is because they are sorted differently then their Artist name…
click one wrong Artist and put info panel… you will see sorted as… different from Artist name. change name, enter, save

I have the Tag Editor Free from Apple store up here. It shows tag fields:

Artwork, Title, Artist, Album, Genre, Comment, File Name, Year, Album Artist and Track #.

When you display music using Artists option, it appears to sort on Artist field, not Album Artist field, as far as I can tell.

Does this seem correct?


In Audirvana you have 2 sort

Click an artist, bring info panel you can see artist name and like you want it to be sorted. Example the beatles or beatles, the.

Then when you see that artist albums, click one album, you see those album tracks, select all then you can edit those tracks or just one with info panel on

You have all that and more with Audirvana…