Hearing white noise

Hello, I am using a Naim ND5 XS as Streamer and with the previous version it worked. With Studio I just receive white noise. Any idea how this could be resolved?
Thanks and Regards, Jörg


I also have a 1st gen Naim streamer (N272) and was getting white noise on some (but not all) Tidal MQA streams.

Enabling upsampling (r8brain) in AS settings seems to have resolved this for now.

Many thanks, appreciated. I can hear the Music now, but it is breaking up.

Hallo, as I do not find a way to avoid the interruptions while playing the music, has anyone experience with the Volumio Primo and the Studio version?
Thanks and Regards

I have a short experience of a few weeks with Studio and get white noise a few times a week, did not find yet the origin…

I hear white noise when I play mp3 files after last update (Windows). When I play radios, Qobuz or other formats no problem. I’m not affected by this because I play usually lossless content. In mp3 I have especially audio books and I play them very fine with VLC. I write this just as a fact. Trying to uninstall/reinstall app but no difference. No matter what audio settings I make.

Fixed. I thought Audirvana use his own codecs like VLC but not. So I thought the mp3 codec is broken in my system and I used the K-Lite Codec Tweak Tool to repair. And now everything works!