Highresaudio streaming stops halfway through tracks - Devialet Phantoms

My tracks cut out halfway through a track when streaming to Devialet Phantoms DNLA UPNP. Local and Tidal work fine and I get the same problem with iMac and MacBook Pro.

\All wired via ethernet and Phantoms with Dialog.

Help would be appreciated.

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Hello @superstock,

This issue is related to your audio buffer, to change it you’ll need to go your audio settings:

Thanks for your reply, I tried that to no avail but have since found out what caused the problem.

I had selected to force upscaling to the maximum for the Phantoms 192/24bit. I have adjusted it back to X2,X4 etc and every highresaudio file plays to the end. There must be a problem upscaling everything to 192/24 creating problems for the Phantoms or Audirvana.

I do however at random intervals, digital breakout with loud white noise and sometimes combined with instruments. Makes me jump out of my skin, but not too often.

Thanks for your help, I hold the resolution helps someone else.

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Thank you for the feedback @superstock, this would help other people if they have the same issue with their Phantoms :wink: