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When I purchased my Larsen 4.2 speakers, the audio store owner and I started talking about how these speakers go against the wall. I told him that I do place my speakers against the wall even though I know that we’re told not to do so due to space; my audio room is a small, 12x10. I mentioned that I was also looking to replace my receiver since mine was almost 20 years old but I didn’t want to spend too much. He recommended the NAD t758v3 because it has Dirac Live room correction. Purchased the receiver also.
This was my introduction to room correction, I had done it with my previous receiver but that made no difference. Dirac Live, Larsen speakers, it was great for music and movies.
My best friend and I attended the Long Beach Audio Show this summer where we partied all night with some guys who make really expensive speakers (can’t remember the name) but I was talking to one of them and he mentioned to me that what I need is to have this French guy who makes filters so that my speakers match appropriately with my room.
I think that in the Audiophile Style forums I was able to find Thierry, the French guy, of Home Audio Fidelity. Sent him an email and he was very helpful, I followed his instructions and after my (I believe) 2nd take he sent me a sample of what his Convo filter does. I was shocked. It sounded really good, as a matter of fact, it sounded amazing. He said we can tweak it and I told him I don’t know what to tweak, it sounds really good.
I recently had my hearing tested and he has a filter named Hifi Aid, I purchased from him along with another filter named SoundStage Shaper to adjust my headphones. This is a hell of a combination. Working from home using my headphones with AS has been a pleasure. I just load up the filters and man, great music sounds great. That’s all I want.
When I go to my movie room I just bypass the Soundstage Shaper and use the Convo filter for my speakers along with Hifi Aid, and man, bliss. Even my wife has joined me just to listen and drink a little bit of wine or Sake.
I think this is an option to try, I didn’t want to bother with REW or any other over-complicated way of room correction. Easy and painless, all you need is to be able to communicate and a little bit of money.


Hi @mcarr6,

Thanks for your great feedback and for introducing my room correction service & plugins to the Audirvana community ! It is a great asset of Audirvana to accept third party plugins.

I can make demos for my filters generation service and all my plugins are fully functional for testing purpose.

I will be happy to contribute to this discussion,

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Just want to second Home Audio Fidelity. I’m not affiliated or whatever, just use the product “Room Shaper” which subtly corrects low frequency decay time issues. It’s a great, transparent product and I use it whenever I listen.


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