If there's a way to create a working playlist, it's lost on me

Windows 11 beta, Studio 1.6.1, NUC 10i7 run headlessly using Splashtop Streamer.

I have no idea how to make a smart playlist that does more than have a title. I click each of the icons and on “add filter” in the edit box above the double line and nothing happens. I can create all the new playlists I want, I just can’t configure them.

If there’s a way to add criteria for the smartlist, it’s lost on me.

The entire playlist function needs greater clarity.

Hey…… at least you can click on the icons above the “add filter” line. Even that’s not working for me, using a 2018 MacMini :cry:. I’m feeling quite the idiot not being able to get this working!

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Doug, I don’t think we are idiots. I think the issue starts and stops with Studio and I doubt we are the only two people who can’t figure this out or get it to work.

After an hour spent through trial and error and the help from RunHomeSlow’s recent post l managed to create the playlists l needed. It’s not a straight through process though and no doubt Damian will refine this process🧐
But for now, uses will no doubt be very frustrated as to why such simple things like adding a playlist is so complicated 😮‍💨. Don’t give up Mike, when it’s all set up and running smoothly it’s a fantastic piece of software😊.

Thanks. I will look for that post because I am completely lost.

I don’t recall having trouble setting up playlists in 3.5.

Exactly my experience, with 3.5 l had no troubles with making playlists.

Thanks for the link. Looks like my afternoon will be filled with attempts to recreate my old smartlists.

Okay, I am convinced that this is a Windows 11 issue. The dialogues for playlists just don’t work under Windows 11.

To test the theory that Windows 11 and Studio don’t work well together, I uninstalled and reinstalled, knowing that it was likely that the settings dialogue box wouldn’t work and thus Studio couldn’t be configured for use.

My expectation was the right one. While Studio works mostly if you install it under Windows 10 and then upgrade to Windows 11, it won’t work at all if you install it under Windows 11.

None of the other applications on my NUC have an issue with Windows 11, but the NUC is intended a dedicated music server, so I will be taking it back down to Windows 10 tomorrow.