Impossible to input the "Album Artist" tag of an album


I wanted to input the name “Album Artist” to “Various Artists” on a compilation album with many artists. But there’s no way to write to this tag as you can see in the screenshot.

Hi @Doudou

I may be reading you incorrectly… but can you add “Various” to the “Artistes” tag. You will be able to sort that.

Also, in the tracks view you can add for each track the individual artist. It’s an arduous process but certainly completes the tags.


I can’t input “Various” in the “Artist” tag, because in this compilation, there’s another name of an artist for each track. If I do what you say, I’ll erase all the names of the artists of the tracks of the compilation.

I could consider your solution as acceptable for a €4 player from the Apps Store.
It’s certainly unworkable for people with libraries with thousands of albums.

Hi @Doudou

That’s right. I misread. Can I clarify. You want to add “Various” where?


Where are you by-the-way?

What you say is true. However, you can use an external file tagger to enter the Album Artist (as Various Artists) and Studio will read the tag. In Studio, you can display the Album Artist column in the Local->Tracks view and, as well, you can see that it is “Various Artists” in Album view.

I’m in France, and I went to sleep. It was 3 o’clock in the morning. :slight_smile:

That’s what I did. I entered it with Yate, but AS did not update the library.
So this is the continuation of the story, in another thread:

I realized that the “Album Artist” tag of this compilation was blank. So I wanted to input “Various Artists” in this tag.