Is there a 'Recently Added' section?

I added a load of new albums that I have recently purchased as FLAC files to my local library. They were all processed in AS and I can listen to them without any issues.

However, I had to go looking for each album. Is there a ‘Recently Added’ section for the local library?

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Hello @TazLondon,

By default you should have a playlist for this here:


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Yes, but a “Recently Added in library” feature is different than a Playlist.
It gets automatically feeded, as a kind of FIFO pile of a certain amount of elements (maybe configurable), It helps locating new albums in the library very easily considering you would listen to them in priority for a certain laps of time.
This is a smart idea, and I would suggest you put it on the “User Voice Audirvana”. You may get votes from the community.

The ‘Recently added’ playlist is an ‘auto playlist’ and gets automatically updated when new tracks/albums are added. So you don’t need to update that playlist manually.
Correct me if you mean something different, but I don’t see a functional difference with a ‘recently added in library’ and a ‘recently added (auto) playlist’. Except for the place in the menu of course.

It is exactly what I am saying !! As Antoine is proposing to make a manual Playlist I am supporting the idea of a “Recently Added” feature.
There is no such feature in AS and it would be great. Am I wrong ? :thinking:

I think I do not understand you.
At the moment there is already a standard ‘Recently added’ Playlist in Audirvana which gets updated automatically (See @Antoine 's screenshot above). So what the OP asks in this thread already exists (only not in the place where the OP was looking). So… if it is already there, why add it to the ‘User Voice Audirvana’?

:exploding_head: No It’s me, I never noticed it, as I do not use “My Music” section at all and even would like to remove it.
Thanks for the tip.


No problem :grinning: :+1:

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Yes, just seen it.
I am only using “Local” and “Qobuz” for streaming. I would like the possibility to remove the other sections, and have local on top as it is my way to use AS. In that consideration “Recently Added in Library” make sense as that is the place where you add music.

I have had a look at it.
In the context of the Local Library, I would prefer a seperate albums presentation instead of a standard playlist that do not make sense if you want to check newly purchased albums.

There is an album view in the recently added playlist. In (almost all) views you can switch between album view and track view with the icons shown in the screenshots below:

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I also need a “Recently Added” section because I waste a lot of time searching the new albums every time (I only buy DSD and Flac albums). Any other modality is not so simple.
I am not interested at all in streaming music: lower quality, time spending in finding music.
Therefore I use playlists as a huge database for composer or artist and transfer every album there.

As described in the posts and screenshots above you there already is a ‘Recently Added’ section in Audirvana Studio. Do you mean you want another one, or do you want a different one?

Where do I find the playlist “Recently added”?
Recently added

Click on ‘My Playlists’. After that to the right you should see a playlist called ‘Recently added’. I have posted screenshots in this thread. Now I see in your screenshot that you don’t have it :grinning:.

@Antoine is it possible to remove the ‘Recently added’ Playlist? That should be blocked (in my humble opinion :grinning:), otherwise you will keep getting questions like this from people wanting a recently added section…

Yes it is as it’s a smart playlist created by Studio. I will need to talk about this recently added section with the team.


Yes, I probaly deleted the playlist ‘Recently added’ because when i used the program the first time it scanned my loacal library and added all my albums to the playlist as it should. But the problem is that the name of the playlist should be named “Recently added the last 14 days” or whatever the filter was set to.

In my opinion, it is not at the right place. If you do not use the playlist section, you don’t even notice it.
I think it is needed, and should be placed in the local section. I played with it yesterday, and it works pretty well, but it should be considered as a tool and not a playlist if you see what I mean.
Whatever it is my opinion and may not be universal.


Yes Andy , it is easy to create again and modify the time setting for example. I played with it yesterday after you opened my blind eyes :roll_eyes:, but it should be considered as a tool.

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Thanks Alain,
I fully agree with your suggestion to place it somewhere else (outside the playlist section, where it can not be removed). Where it is now it confuses people (like in this thread). Also when people remove it (by accident) they tend to forget it was there in the first place :slightly_smiling_face: