Issue with upsampling with a coxial cable


I recently purchased a Edifier 360DB connected to my dac Fiio K3 with a QED coaxial cable, and when I upsample to 96 hz, I don’t hear any sound, but if I don’t upsample and I play a 192hz recording , the sound is working properly. This does not make any sense to me since I know that the issue is not with the cable, which is excellent, but with the upsampling. I do it in PCM since I already know DSD doesn’t work with coaxial cable, so I’m clueless. Does anyone have any idee please ? Thank you.

What happens when you play 96KHz content without upsampling?

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I’m presuming the K3 is set for USB 2.0… Do you hear 96kHz audio (up-converted to 96kHz) with headphones connected the K3? When up-converting to 192kHz do you get audio playback from the 360DB? … It appears the S/PDIF coaxial output of the K3 is functional… If you can audition the up-converted 96kHz and 192kHz files with the K3 via headphones, then you’ll need to contact the Edifier folks… Otherwise, There may be a DRM (Digital Rights Management) function at play with the files you are up-converting.

From the 360DB user-guide:

Only the standard PCM audio signals (44.1KHz/48KHz/96KHz/192KHz) function in optical/coaxial mode.

Why not just connect directly the 360DB system via USB? Apparently you are not using headphones when employing the Edifier system… Either way you are using the Edifier DAC…

It just works. No issue.

When I play upsampled music to my headphone, using 2.5 mm balanced or 3.5 mm unbalanced, there is no issue. There is not any USB input in the 360DB, only optical, coaxial, blutooth and 3.5 mm. I use coaxial because it’s supposed to have the best sound. I will contact Edifier but I did not know you could have DRM issue with upsampling . This is news to me. Maybe the issue comes from the fact that I’m using the Edifier Dac and not the K3 dac. Is there a way to force the system to use the K3 ? Thank you anyway for the help.

I tried but the sound is not as clear with analog input than with coaxial.

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Up-conversion would have no effect on DRM… If you have not ripped the files from a CD yourself, then DRM functions will be managed across the digital inputs and/or outputs… The K3 S/PDIF coaxial digital-audio transport is just data (bits)… the Edifier DAC does the conversion to analog output…

OK so it means that the Edifier DAC cannot handle my upsampled signal, but what I don’t understand is if I send not upsampled 192 hz sound through my coaxial, there is no issue. This does not make any logical sense.

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This is an incorrect assumption…

What happens when you send up-converted 192kHz signal through the K3? (meaning a 44.1kHz CD rip or purchased file that is being up-converted to 24/192kHz)

I don’t rip CD, only music from Qobuz. When I send up-converted 192 hz signal through the K3, there is no sound at all.

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I edited my last post to you…

Up-converting 192kHz files to 384kHz would not be playable by the Edifier system…

You may be running into DRM functions especially when you are connecting digital systems in series… You may want to contact the Qoboz folks about your problem.

I don’t know which one to tweek.

I can do that but it means I have to buy a converter from usb to coaxial but it could be a good idea.

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The only way to do this is with a USB to S/PDIF converter and this may not obviate DRM function. The K3 is a functional USB to S/PDIF converter…

I don’t convert to 384 hz. The limit with coxial is 192 hz I think, which is more than enough and 96 hz does not work and it’s enough to me.

Maybe there is a problem with 16/96 but 24/96 works.

Why you want to upsample to 96KHz? Do you really hear an improvement or it’s just the case of a bigger number must be better?

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Maybe you are right and upsampling is just useless. I hear people who say it brings improvement to the sound and other people who say it’s useless. I am still undecided about that.

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The reason will be more resolved contextual dynamics and harmonics… if the product was originally mastered to PCM 16/44.14kHz…

The K3 is connected to my laptop with a USB-C cable. By the way I just tried to upsample with a ripped CD and it just works. The it means the issue comes from Qobuz.

Try with power of two.