Kernel Streaming -- Getting noise at end of track

[Windows 10, Studio 1.4.5]

With kernel streaming, getting noise at the end of a track before next track begins. ???

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This has been happening from the beginning, I can’t try now because my trial ended a few days ago but I had the same problem

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What kind of noise?

Loud white noise!


J’observe le même phénomène et cela avoir plusieurs DAC différents. J’ai enregistré ce bruit parasite (très court) mais je n’arrive pas à vous joindre le fichier audio. Y a t-il un moyen de vous faire parvenir ce fichier ?

Bien cordialement.
Thierry Fratti

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I have same problem.

OS : Windows 10
RAM : 8G
CUP : i5
Only happens at Kernel Streaming.
Please Help. It Bugs me a lot.


Same problem here. Somewhere, it was mentioned it had to do with upsampling on.
Anyhow, not nice. Hoping it gets fixed anytime soon.
Except for a few flaws, I’m generally happy with Studio.

The white noise makes me at the end of the song in Qobuz and also in the local library! I’m listening through the Audirvana Studio kernel.

I’m running windows 10 with the latest updates and I’m not getting any white noise at the end of tracks with kernel streaming enabled. I am using a later version of the player, 1.5.5 so maybe they got that fixed. Try updating if you’re still having that issue.

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Interesting, but it’s not white noise, but the sound from another passage persists. It’s a place of white noise and it’s irregular! I’ve already tried switching the kernel to ASIO and you can still hear it between the tracks in 1.5.5

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I just checked again, and I turned the volume up to an extreme level. I’m not getting any noise between tracks. What are your system specs?

Technical parameters of pc? Intel NUC, 8 GB RAM, 500 GB SSD, Windows 10 Pro.

I tried a few things to see if I could get my system to give noise at the end of the track and I found a way to recreate the problem you’re having. I don’t know how much it’ll help though. I generally use an optical interface to my dac but when I use a USB interface while in kernel mode I do get a short burst of noise between tracks that sounds like what you describe. Switching back to the optical input on my dac eliminated the problem. If you can go with an optical interface to your dac there’s a good chance you won’t have that issue. I hope that helps!

So I found in NUC there is a mini optical output. I’m trying to buy a cable mini optics - optics

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I retested kernel streaming with Windows 10 and Studio 1.5.5. The problem I noted in the original post seems to have been fixed; no more white noise at the end of each track. However, now I have new problems with kernel streaming: (1) when I pause playback of a DSD file, my DAC indicates that the input from Studio is oscillating rapidly between PCM and DSD, and (2) after playing many DSD tracks and then pausing the last track, I get a clicking sound. Testing kernel streaming eventually caused my DAC to crash (I had to reboot the DAC). ??? @Antoine

I am reverting back to using the ASIO driver until there is another Studio release. Seems like kernel streaming with Windows 10 is a dog’s breakfast. I am also wondering if kernel streaming will even work with the upcoming Windows 11?

[DAC is Mytek Brooklyn DAC+ and I am using the USB input.]

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Reverting back to ASIO sounds like a good plan for now, they did just release 1.5.6 but the release notes don’t say anything about kernel streaming. I’ll go out on a limb and say kernel streaming will work with Windows 11 or it will soon after they release it, though it may have problems. Windows 11 is available to windows insiders in the dev category now if you want to test it. It’s free, you just have to sign up. I’ve got my insiders account set to beta so I won’t get it until they have a stable release. From what I’ve been reading it’s unpolished and a bit buggy for the dev releases. So I’m waiting for now.

I don’t have any dsd files available, everything I’ve got is flac. I did try upsampling to dsd and Audirvana wouldn’t even let me select it in kernel streaming mode. I switched to ASIO and it upsamples to dsd without any problem. I’ll see if I can find a free download of something in DSD so I can test it.

Ok, pardon the broken up replies. lol. I downloaded a dsf file from Blue Coast. When I play it in kernel streaming mode Audirvana converts it to PCM 32/352 before sending it to the dac-that’s according to settings-audio-status line at the bottom. So my W10 system won’t even let me send DSD to my dac in kernel streaming. I switched to ASIO and it sends it to the dac as DSD64 just as it should so it looks like kernel streaming doesn’t support DSD. The display on my dac does confirm what Audirvana is telling me.

In kernel streaming, you must set the “Native DSD streaming method” to something other than “None: convert to PCM”:

@lucretius Thanks, I’m new to this software and I’ve learned one of the best ways of learning new software is helping others with their problems. I changed that setting and it is now indeed outputting dsd with kernel streaming enabled. I can’t get my system to duplicate the problems you’re having though. When I pause a DSD track my dac does immediately switch to pcm but it’s stable and goes right back to DSD when I hit play. I’m not getting any clicking after playing DSD files but I don’t have what you’d mistake for many-a grand total of 8. The standard answer for malfunctioning software is to uninstall and reinstall it but before I went to that extreme I’d try checking database integrity and rebuilding indexes. No that doesn’t sound like either of those would help to me either, but it’s worth a try before reinstalling. Good Luck!

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